Emotional Frequencies with Dr. Amy Marshall

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Dr. Amy Marshall Tunes Emotional Frequencies

On one of our earlier blogs, we wrote about how emotions affect the body, and how Dr. Amy Marshall from the Tennant Institute conducts emotional tuning sessions to help correct “stuck” emotions in the body that prevent healthy cells from being made (one of the 5 factors of low voltage).


How can emotions decrease our voltage? Well, they become “stuck energies”. All emotions have a charge to them, so when we have a personal experience, there’s a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional component to that experience. The emotional component can be very highly charged and attached to a memory from the past, so going and finding these stuck energies and decoupling them from the memory prevents the charge from draining the physical body moving forward.


One of the methods Dr. Amy Marshall uses is the Tennant-Marshall Scalar Emotional Release Method. Emotions are frequencies. For example, the frequency of anger is similar to the frequency of the liver. Those who tend to have angry emotions will often have liver/gall bladder issues (elevated enzymes on lab work is common). The anger frequency and liver frequency resonate together causing a block in the flow of energy in the body or even in the magnetic field around the body.


These can be identified and released using sound, stone, light, color, homeopathic remedies, Biogeometry, and other methodologies. Once identified, these can be released, transmuted, and cleared to restore the energy flow back to the physical body. Decreased energy flow causes physical symptoms of chronic disease states.  


Continuing on the example of anger frequency and liver frequency creating resonance together (amplifying the frequency), if the anger is released from the past, it is not resonating from the past.  This allows you to “show up” in your everyday life with less anger. Living with less anger, fear, powerlessness, heartache releases us to become present in the now and peace and power in our relationships. Releasing the past also allows us to move forward towards our life’s higher path.


This work can be done remotely, as Dr. Amy Marshall sees many clients around the world, identifying their specific areas of need individually. When a patient visits the clinic, they’ll get a full workup where their emotional drains are identified. Often, adrenal fatigue is present, and that is when a person is in fight or flight for long periods of time, and their adrenals are burned out. Essentially, what’s going on is that the emotional memories in the brain are running in the background constantly, usually without people being aware of it, and draining the body’s voltage.


During a session with Dr. Amy Marshall, the patient lies down on a table and is surrounded by several BioTransducers®, and then Dr. Marshall works to open up the field of energy in the body, adjust where necessary through a method called emotional tuning, and then close that energy field safely. This process takes somewhere between 45-60 minutes. 


Dr. Amy Marshall uses sound, light, stones, pendulums, tuning forks, and a type of science called bio-geometry to accelerate the process of finding stuck emotions in her patients and transmuting those stuck energies to help their physical body heal. The BioTransducer® is used during these sessions to help raise the vibration of the space (AKA increasing the voltage of cells). 


Dr. Amy Marshall also teaches Sound Healing Therapies, where people can get certified in her methods and continue to teach and heal in their own practice. There’s even an online course with 3 modules, as outlined below. Certification requires 20 documented sessions after Level 1, 2 & 3 (60 total). The certificate will be mailed/emailed upon completion. You can enroll here.


  1. Module 1 – Basic sound healing using the acupuncture meridians, pendulum instruction, the anatomy of the body, polarity correction, identifying areas of trauma, and releasing these areas. Setting up a healing space high vibration energy.
  2. Module 2 – Listening to each organ system/acupuncture meridian and finding low areas of energy that need to be addressed, dental infections, adrenal function, bones, higher levels of the human archetype work.
  3. Module 3 – Brain frequency and treatment, general balance of the entire body, immune system, addressing bacteria/virus/parasite underlying infection, heavy metals, using stones as vibrational corrections.


Visit www.dramymarshall.com for more information. Contact Amy with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.


DrMarshall@tennantinstitute.com | 214-649-4939

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