Wellness Focused Health Conference

The Integrative Health Conference  is a 3 day conference that begins Thursday evening with a 2-hour keynote presentation that introduces participants to Healing is Voltage, as well as, explains how the body works, why chronic disease occurs and how to use Dr. Tennant’s teachings and technology to have better health.

This conference is more than just an introduction to Dr. Tennant and his philosophies. It is a full immersion into a hollistic, wellness-focused, lifestyle. This conference is packed with keynote speakers that discuss many different topics such as:


  • What a body needs to be healthy
  • What is needed to make a new cell
  • Effects of low voltage in the body
  • Dental connection to wellness
  • Body’s ability to eliminate toxins
  • Negative impact of dehydration
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Use of essential oils


This conference also covers practical use of all the Tennant medical devices and other medical practices such as:


  • Hands-on practical application with BioModulator®
  • How to balance the craniosacral system
  • How to balance autonomic nervous system
  • How to assess the voltage in the tissue and acupuncture organ systems
  • How to increase voltage in the tissue and acupuncture organ systems

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QuickSTART Program

The QuickSTART Program offers a $500 Buy Now Discount.  The purpose of this is to give an incentive for buyers to purchase their Biomodulator well in advance of attending an Integrative Health Conference. This helps the individual better prepare for using their device by having time to practice with their device and read the educational materials.

Purchase of a BioModulator® PLUS or BioModulator® PRO 2.0 must be made at least 30 days prior to attending a conference to receive the $500 discount.  The discounted price for the BioModulator® PLUS is $2,250 and the BioModulator® PRO 2.0 is $5,000 which includes the conference. Conference reservations are not required at time of purchase. Dr. Tennant prefers users to have a basic understanding of their device prior to attending a conference.

Attending the Health Conference

We understand people have busy schedules and we want you to have the opportunity to attend Dr. Tennant’s Integrated Health Conference at your convenience. This conference is included with the purchase of a Biomodulator device. Therefore, scheduling and attending the conference remains an open ended invitation with no date expiration until course completion.

Conference Materials

BioModulator® QuickSTART Self-Study Program, included with the purchase of a Tennant BioModulator®, contains:

  • Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage The Handbook, 3rd Edition
  • QuickSTART Guide
  • QuickSTART DVD
  • Healing is Voltage DVD

Please bring these materials and your Biomodulator to the conference with you. Additional materials will be provided at the conference.

Master Class – Advanced Level

Dr. Tennant is continually researching new insights into healing and because of this, his courses are constantly evolving. Many people want to continue their learning and register to audit courses and attend the advanced courses. Those interested in advancing their knowledge and use of the BioModulator® PLUS and PRO, as well as hearing Dr. Tennant’s theories, are eligible to register for the Master Class – Advanced Course. The Master Class is offered twice a year. Tuition must be paid in advance to guarantee a space.

NOTE: Attendees MUST complete Integrative Health Conference to be eligible for the Master Class.

No time to attend a conference in person? Check out our online conference.