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Senergy dedicates itself to emerging medical technologies and therapies that result in individuals’ better health and well-being.


By using Dr. Tennant’s approach to wellness, Senergy introduces health focused alternatives of embracing balance, nutrition and exercise. Additionally, Senergy Medical Group, provides resources for all aspects of health such as physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and environmental.


Senergy Medical Group is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Tennant Biomodulator® devices and accessories designed and used by Jerry Tennant MD.

Finally, in cooperation with Jerry Tennant MD, Senergy Medical Group was created to help integrate traditional medicine with current energetic medicine technology. As a result, Senergy Medical Group has become a leader in the field of technology for advancement and support of integrative medicine worldwide.

Who is Dr. Tennant?

Dr. Jerry Tennant has changed the paradigm of western medicine with his remarkable life and dedication to healing and medical innovation.


After developing encephalitis and a bleeding disorder in November 1995, Dr. Tennant retired at the height of his career. Unfortunately, diagnostic tests confirmed he had three viruses in his brain and Dr. Tennant’s physicians told him nothing could be done to help him. Finally, Dr. Tennant realized that if he was going to get well, it was up to him to find a way, since modern American medicine had no answers.


Through endless research, he realized that cells function in a very narrow range of pH and that pH actually is a measure of the voltage in a solution. Through this amazing discovery, Dr. Tennant began to understand that cells must have enough voltage to work and that chronic disease is associated with loss of voltage. In the end, following this path, he was finally able to heal himself naturally.


Today, people travel from around the world to consult with Dr. Tennant at the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine. The countless thousands of success stories and testimonials of patients’ recovery and pain reduction are phenomenal.

When traditional medicine could not heal me from an infection that put me in bed for seven years, I pursued every measure of healing I could find to heal myself. That is how my journey with Eastern and Western medicine began. I've spent the past 25-years sharing these healing techniques.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.D
Tennant BioModulator Plus & Pro

What is the Tennant BioModulator?

Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS & PRO devices are FDA accepted, non-invasive devices that are designed to offer health care professionals and home users an affordable drug free and user-friendly options for the relief of chronic, severe pain and intractable pain. The device is a small, (about the size of a computer mouse) micro-computer, with a lightning-fast processor, designed by a former NASA engineer.


Human cells run at about -20 millivolts (or pH of 7.35). The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments when the cells voltage increases to -50 millivolts.


These devices contain unique frequency sets created by Dr. Jerry Tennant to produce microcurrent electrical impulses which helps increase the voltage in the cells to -50 mollivolts so the body can heal itself!


Firstly, the Senergy Medical Group Team is a group of health and wellness industry professionals dedicated to supporting patients who have an interest in self-care. Additionally, Senergy Medical Group works with practitioners looking for alternative, integrative, holistic medical solutions. As the sole distributor, Senergy Medical Group is responsible for the worldwide distribution, education and customer service of the Tennant BioModulator®. Additionally, Senergy distributes and provides customer service for other integrative products that Dr. Tennant recommends for health and wellness.


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