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Dr. Tennant really knows the human body and how it works. Best information I have ever read. I have put several things into practice that he teaches and my health has improved. My whole family went to go visit him and it was the most amazing experience ever. He found things no other doctor has and has helped me know how to correct all but 1 which is only correctable by surgery which doesn’t need corrected at this point. I feel better than I ever have in my life, at least since the teen years. It is like talking to an Einstein of the human body when you talk to him. Dr. Tennant and his book is amazing!”

At Senergy, we know that you want to be pain-free and healthy. The books and media resources that you find on this page are curated to help you arrive at optimum health. 
In order to be pain-free and healthy, you need to give the body what it needs. The problem is illness and chronic pain, which make you feel hopeless and frustrated. We believe life should be lived the way you want it. We understand your fear of “missing-out” which is why we have helped thousands of people for the last 20 years, just like you, live their best life.

DR. TENNANT's books

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Who is Dr. Jerry Tennant? Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD, is the founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine, a world-renowned physician and integrative health practitioner, and the inventor of the Tennant BioModulator®.

Dr. Jerry Tennant is a true Renaissance man. He is a teacher, inventor, healer, scholar, humanitarian, innovator, and entrepreneur — those are just a few of the ways we describe Dr. Tennant who has led a remarkable life dedicated to healing and innovation, which has altered the paradigm of western medicine. People from around the world travel to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine in Irving, Texas, to seek out and benefit from his healing expertise.


Through his Tennant Principles, Dr. Tennant’s mission is to inform patients and practitioners how the body requires voltage to make new cells in order to maintain health and wellness, as well as incorporate traditional medicine with integrative medicine for better results.


He is also the author of Healing is Voltage™ The Handbook, Healing is Voltage™ Textbook, Healing is Voltage™ Healing Eye Diseases, Healing is Voltage™, Acupuncture Muscle Batteries and Healing is Voltage™, Cancer’s On/Off Switches: Polarity. These books are based on his own personal experience and continuous energetic medical research.

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