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Dr. Tennant's Hand Grips & Foot Plates

When combined with the Tennant BioModulator® device, the Hand Grips & Foot Plate bundle can be used in combination with the Tennant BioModulator® Plus and Pro 2.1 devices to enhance the distribution of a wider range of frequencies and for Total Body Voltage Recharge to all organs.


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Most frequent questions and answers

When connected to the Tennant BioModulator® device, the hand grips and foot plates allow voltage to travel through the whole body at one time (instead of a localized area) to address the underlying cause of pain and inflammation without drugs or invasive medical procedures. 

Some users experience a subtle buzz or tingle from the hand grips and foot plates depending on which BioModulator® power level is being used. This is normal. You may feel initial apprehension about providing therapy to yourself or others. When you carefully follow the instructions and directions, there’s no need to be concerned. The devices and therapy steps were created with the knowledge that the application will sometimes be general. Even if you are providing the therapy to a different area than intended, it is not harmful and, in most cases, will still benefit you. 

Using the hand grips & foot plates with the Daily Protocol 

NOTE: You must have a BioModulator® & BioTransducer® device to complete this protocol.

This daily protocol will help balance and prepare your body so it can properly receive and use the voltage provided by your BioModulator® device for healing. This is accomplished by recharging the primary voltage circuit, resetting the autonomic nervous system, correcting polarity, waking up and “activating” your organ systems, and recharging your whole body. The hand grips & foot plates are required to complete step 5, which recharges the entire body.

With your organs on, polarity set, and ANS system balanced, you can rest assured the voltage received in this last step will be utilized by your body to the fullest. The hand grips & footplates act as conductors for voltage from the BioModulator®, so your entire body can receive a full “charge” instead of just one small area of the body with the BioModulator® alone. Steps 1-4 of the protocol prepare your body to receive this final and most important step.

To learn more about the acupuncture points that are recharged with this last step, please click the links below!

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Read & download the full PDF on the Daily Protocol

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