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Besides videos and interviews with Dr. Tennant you can dive into our Facebook live playlist. We explore different topics every week on our Facebook group.

Dr. Tennant was a Guest Speaker on Animals & Healing on PBS Healing Quest Television – Season 12


When Dr. Tennant was ill, his dogs would not leave his side. Tigger would sleep on his head and Pooh would curl up next to his spleen. Dr. Tennant had viruses in his brain and spleen. The dogs seemed to know where his voltage was low and served as his constant “electron donors!”

Dr. Nathan Bryan Featured Guest Speaker For PBS Healing Quest Television – Season 11


Dr. Bryan explains how nitric oxide improves functions in the body, like blood flow, memory, overall energy, and even better sexual functioning. It also promotes vasodilation (expansion of arteries and blood vessels) critical for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, that are already in a normal range.

For our Senergy friends, Dr. Jerry Tennant gave a presentation/demonstration and talk at the Natural Wellness Expo in Tyler Texas.


In this Part 1, you’ll see him provide therapy to members of the audience– a chance to see for yourself how easy this is.

Dr. Jerry Tennant continues with his educational presentation
and discussion of Understanding How the Body Works.
Topics include:
  • pain as the symptom of “low voltage” (energy)
  • mucin in tissues related to high blood pressure
  • the benefits of “electron donors” such as iodine
  • high pH water
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