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Video Testimonials of Dr. Tennant Integrative Health Conferences

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Migraines Gone

50 year old with a 25-year history of severe migraine headaches as diagnosed by a neurologist. Headaches lasted as long as ten weeks, required 5 different prescription medications and frequent trips to the emergency room. After Tennant BioModulator® therapy, migraines are now infrequent and never last more than a couple of hours.

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Arm Injury

A 50-year-old harpist was in an auto accident that caused her to lose about three inches of her right clavicle. She had gone through multiple surgeries but still had significant pain and restriction of motion in her right arm. She was treated with the Tennant BioModulator®. She then demonstrated that she could then raise her arm over her head without pain. The next day, she played the harp for the first time since her accident, a period of about three years.

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Neck Issues

A 60-year-old patient had their neck fused. The patient continued to have pain and could only rotate their neck a few degrees to the left and right. After being treated with the Tennant BioModulator®, the patient stated that they could turn their neck normally and the pain was 90% reduced.

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Post-War Injury

A soldier had seven operations on his wrist for a war injury that sliced his nerve and tendons. He developed a severely painful condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. He could not even allow a shirt sleeve to touch his wrist and he was on chronic pain medications. His hand was white, swollen, and he had movement of only his thumb and index finger. After treatment with the Tennant BioModulator®, the soldier stated that he could move his fingers and the pain was gone. Treatment occurred within a Military facility in Texas. The soldier requested further treatments with the Tennant BioModulator®.

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An Important Investment
David C.

“I started using a zapper last year because a friend turned me on to one. My health was not good and my gut was destroyed. My diet was terrible and I wasn’t making proper lifestyle decisions. I came across Dr. Tennant on YouTube and was instantly impressed. He was the first person in my life who explained the way the body works that made sense to me and that I really could identify with. After watching for a few days, I knew I had to have a BioModulator®. It was a very important investment I believed and have been so glad I did ever since.”

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Non-Invasive Pain Relief
Richard Kratz MD, Fullerton California

“My experience with the Tennant BioModulator® is an easy-to-administer therapy that provides non-invasive contact with the skin. The device uses microcurrent signals to activate the body’s own self-healing resources. I use it in my clinic and prescribe it for self-care and pain relief when appropriate.”

Important Advancement in Pain Treatment
Mark Starr MD, Paradise Valley, Arizona

“In my opinion the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS is one of the most important advancements in the treatment of pain. It is an integral component of the therapy I now prescribe for all my patients.”

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Cost-Effective Treatment
Anne May MD, Tulsa Oklahoma

“I have been using the Tennant BioModulator® technology with my patients for more than four years. In my opinion, it is often the better and most cost-effective prescription treatment available.”

Football Injuries
Kelvin Beachum, Offensive Tackle New York Jets

“I have used the Tennant BioModulator® for every kind of football injury; back pain, shoulder pain, etc. with excellent results. Sometimes in only one session, the pain would go away and I will be “game ready”. One time I had a serious shoulder injury that had been painful for three weeks, with the pain level as high as an 8 on a scale of 1-10, after two treatments the pain was completely gone. That was amazing. The BioModulator® is the best tool to get rid of pain that I have experienced.”

Guitarist’s Hand Pain
Arlo Guthrie, Entertainer, Songwriter and American Legend

“I got the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS for myself. After 50 years of playing the guitar, things began to hurt. It fixed me, and now everyone I work with wants one – bus drivers, the band, crew, stagehands!”