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Explore the Senergy stories shared by our Senergy community, or share your own experience with Dr. Tennant and his health system. We always love hearing from you!

Pain free with BioModulator!

I am thrilled to tell you that, so far I have had great success with the Tennant BioModulator®. I have no more pain in back, neck or shoulder pain which I’ve had for a very long time even though I have been receiving chiropractic, massage therapy as well as physiotherapy. My lung issue seems to be clearing up significantly, as well as the cough. I would highly recommend the Biomodulator to anyone who has aches or pains or an illness as our entire body is electric, and voltage is the key to putting some “healing energy” back where it needs to be for complete healing. I would also like to thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and backup information you provided. I look forward to continued friendship and business with you in the future.

K A. Brantford Ontario

Praise for Dr. Tennant’s Scalar Energy Book

“Dr. Tennant’s insightful book, Scalar Energy, is a testament to his grasp of the interplay if energy and the physical world, including us. By reading this you will come away with a good sense and awareness of how we “dance”, in the world of pure energy.” – Nicholas J Meyer, DDS, DNM, DPM, PhD(m) FICOI, FAAOT, MICCMO, DAIPM, DACSDD


Turn Your Health Around with Senergy

“Equipped with the life changing, quality changing inventions of Dr. Jerry Tennant. If you think of your demise every day, go to Senergy Medical. They are well able to turn your health around and get you on the road to the highest quality of life available. Stop believing in potions. Get into their office!” – Stacey Campbell Spruiell (Facebook)

Stacey Campbell Spruiell (Facebook)

Pain Resolved in One Session

“For years my personal story has been riddled with some health challenges. The most recent is pain in my feet and legs. We had purchased a BioModulator® along with some supplements. Within the first session my feet and leg pain went away. Every team member has been great to work with. The Tennant products are the gold standard. We appreciate the Tennant team. Thank you!” – Zack Penn

Zack Penn

Dr. Tennant’s Teachings Helped This Clinic

“Dr. Tennant was so good at teaching us about using nutrition to boost voltage, that we soon realized that this was the basic first visit for our clients. Once they had a good voltage, it gave us better overall results with the homeopathics we use. Dr. Tennant teaches so clearly and so full of tips to spot trouble, that our whole clinic was helped immensely. We love Dr. Tennant.” – Cindy Black and all the staff at Life Clinic

Cindy Black
Life Clinic

Mouth Pain Gone & Hair Loss Reversed

“My hair had been falling out for about 6 months because of stress & surgery medications, and I’ve never had this happen before. I also had years of dental problems, including cavitation and loss of bone, and I recently started experiencing a lot of pain in my jaw & TMJ joint and 2 other parts of my mouth. After taking Dr. Tennant’s Raw Materials for only one month, the pain in my mouth is gone. I can’t afford to get dental work done, so it was a great relief. There was no more pain after taking Dr. Tennant’s product for 3 months now! My hair has stopped falling out & grown back… I would say it’s a miracle. Thank you Dr. Tennant for your product.” – Rebecca Newman

Rebecca Newman

Knowledgeable Staff & Incredible Service

“Knowledgeable staff and doctors, Incredible service with compassion and kindness. I cannot wait to go back… truly life changing!” – Jordann Whittington

Jordann Whittington

Ailments Have Melted Away

“My name is David Brewer and I’ve been a practicing dentist for over 40 years. I, like most people, had chronic ailments that I thought were just things one had to live with. These included sleeping issues, fatigue, sinus issues, pain from injuries, constipation and the worst being myofascial pain with accompanying trigger points in muscles. It was not until I developed arthritis in my right hand and a severe autoimmune disease that I began my search in earnest for a cure. Traditional medicine could only treat symptoms. I tried many things and all with limited success. When I discovered Dr. Tennant while surfing the internet, I knew that I had caught lightning in a bottle. I listened to all his videos I could find and scheduled an appointment. It’s been a year now and the improvements have been incredible. I would have never dreamed it possible to feel this great. All my ailments have melted away. I continue to improve even now. If you are looking to become as healthy as possible or are having health issues, you need what Dr. Tennant has put together. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Tennant and his work.” – David Brewer, DDS.

David Brewer, DDS.

Important Advancement In Pain Treatment

“In my opinion, the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS is one of the most important advancements in the treatment of pain. It is an integral component of the therapy I now prescribe for all my patients.” – Mark Starr MD, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Mark Starr MD

Most Cost-Effective Prescription Treatment Available

“I have been using the Tennant BioModulator® technology with my patients for more than four years. In my opinion, it is often the better and most cost-effective prescription treatment available.” – Anne May MD, Tulsa Oklahoma

Anne May MD

Using the BioModulator® For Sports Injuries

“I have used the Tennant BioModulator® for every kind of football injury; back pain, shoulder pain, etc. with excellent results. Sometimes in only one session, the pain would go away and I will be “game ready”. One time I had a serious shoulder injury that had been painful for three weeks, with the pain level as high as an 8 on a scale of 1-10, after two treatments the pain was completely gone. That was amazing. The BioModulator® is the best tool to get rid of pain that I have experienced.” – Kelvin Beachum, Offensive Tackle New York Jets

Kelvin Beachum

Musician Uses BioModulator® For Hand Relief

“I got the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS for myself. After 50 years of playing the guitar, things began to hurt. It fixed me, and now everyone I work with wants one – bus drivers, the band, crew, stagehands!” – Arlo Guthrie, Entertainer, Songwriter and American Legend

Arlo Guthrie

Easy-To-Administer Pain Relief Therapy

“My experience with the Tennant BioModulator® is an easy-to-administer therapy that provides non-invasive contact with the skin. The device uses microcurrent signals to activate the body’s own self-healing resources. I use it in my clinic and prescribe it for self-care and pain relief when appropriate.” – Richard Kratz MD, Fullerton California

Richard Kratz MD

BioModulator® Was An Important Investment

“I started using a zapper last year because a friend turned me on to one. My health was not good and my gut was destroyed. My diet was terrible and I wasn’t making proper lifestyle decisions. I came across Dr. Tennant on YouTube and was instantly impressed. He was the first person in my life who explained the way the body works that made sense to me and that I really could identify with. After watching for a few days, I knew I had to have a BioModulator®. It was a very important investment I believed and have been so glad I did ever since.” – David C.

David C.

Treated With Respect By Dr. Tennant’s Team

“I have been treated by [Dr. Tennant’s] team with the utmost respect and concern. I trust them totally. It comforts me that, if my family falls ill, I will have these devices to help.” – Beth Powell

Beth Powell

Health Puzzle Solved

“Dr. Tennant is the first person that I have found that has put the whole health puzzle together for me. Reading his book, Healing is Voltage® answered many questions and simplified some very difficult concepts. I am very happy with my purchases (the BioModulator® and the Restore™ Nutritional System) as well as the customer service I am receiving from Senergy Medical Group.” – Caren Smith, Google, 5 Stars

Caren Smith

Life-Changing Tools For The Whole Family

“Dr. Tennant and Senergy Medical Group are the absolute BEST! Our son struggled with chronic asthma for years. After one training (health) seminar we knew Dr. Tennant’s protocols and devices were the solutions we had been searching for. Not only is our son more vibrant and active now, but we have all stayed out of hospitals and doctor’s offices, as the entire family has benefited from better health! Thank you Dr. Tennant and Senergy Medical Group for these life-changing tools! We are beyond grateful to have found you!” – AJ Beaber, Google, 5 Stars

AJ Beaber

Amazing People, Products & Services

“What a wonderful practice! Barbara, Tamara, and Dr. Evans, it was wonderful meeting you at the Fibromyalgia Conference. Amazing people, amazing products and amazing service. Just what the doctor ordered!” – Kawtar Alami, Facebook, 5 Stars

Kawtar Alami

Wrist Immobility Healed

“I had extreme immobility in my wrists and was looking toward a much-unwanted surgery when I heard of Dr. Tennant and the group at Senergy. We purchased a BioModulator® and BioTransducer® and began following his protocol. That was 3 years ago. Gradually over time, my wrists improved dramatically! To the point where they are completely healed!” – Monica T., Yelp, 5 Stars

Monica T.

Pain Gone In One Treatment

“Had pain in my wrist and the pain still has not returned since treatment, which is surprising because I work with my wrist and I only got one treatment.” – Mia Nistico

Mia Nistico

Healing With Science And Truth

“This is the unseen come true. Healing with science and truth. I encourage anyone to explore and try this alternative as you will feel the healing benefits the first time. It is about energy, nourishment and managing a lifestyle. I am very grateful to this group of people for sharing their wealth of knowledge and wellbeing with me and others.” – Chellina, Google, 5 Stars


Using BioModulator® For Years

“I have been using the BioModulator® for years. I wouldn’t be without it! It is a shame the “medical world” doesn’t understand healing through voltage. Also, I have also been treated like royalty by the Tennant Institute customer service. They truly aim to please!” – Cindy Davis, Google, 5 Stars

Cindy Davis

Solid Science & Common Sense From Dr. Tennant

“Dr. Tennant has changed the whole health and wellness paradigm. His solid science/common sense approach to the subject opens grand vistas of opportunity for well-being. I believe him to be Divinely Inspired and pray to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the wisdom to assimilate this knowledge so that I may share it with others.” – Joe Huels, 5 Stars, Facebook

Joe Huels

Excellent Service From Senergy Staff

“I have just learned of Dr. Tennant’s products from a friend and have placed my first order for the Restore™ product for personal use as well as some recommendations made for a friend of mine with serious health issues. I am so looking forward to my new program but I did want to thank the staff at the office, during a very busy day, that gave me such excellent service. Barbara was extremely helpful with information and just a wonderful person that listened with great patience and compassion. I am so appreciative of her willingness to help. David in Shipping had to make several changes to my rush order and I am so grateful as time is really of the essence in this particular situation. David was so courteous, helpful, and only cared that the situation be handled in the best way – even though I undoubtedly caused him inconvenience. I am sincerely touched by your kindness; thank you, Barbara and David. I’m sure you represent very well the mission of Senergy and Dr. Tennant. Thank you again.” – Theresa J., 5 Stars, Yelp

Theresa J.

More Energy And Reduction Of Pain

“Customer service was great – every time I called. Emails provide good understanding of the product so I could immediately understand the big picture and engage in using the BioTransducer® & BioModulator®. I am impressed (in my view) how they are just not out to make a buck in sales but appear to be truly interested in a person’s health to make it better. I am impressed how they reach out from an educational perspective. I can feel a good difference in how I feel. More energy and a reduction of pain in my feet.” – Craig, Google, 5 Stars


Doesn’t Leave Home Without The BioModulator®

“I don’t leave my home without it. I have it everywhere I am. When I wake up I reset myself using the body probe attachment on my neck spots and if I have someone around then I have them run it down my back for ten min. I find that if I stop or forget for a day my voltage will be low and it will require a lot more to feel it at first. Then it’s like you get charged up again because you have to adjust it down. My body is very sensitive and responsive to it and then I use the transducer on my temples and then in the three spots two in the front and one in back (I found in a special video).” – Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Looking To Make A Healthy Change?

“Great training, if you are looking to make a healthy change in your life, this is a great place to start.” – Martha Bowers

Martha Bowers

Greatly Improved Health

“Dr. Tennant has not only greatly improved my health over the past 10 years, he saved my therapy practice with his supplements and medical devices. Divine blessings to you Dr. Tennant for all you’ve done.” – Tom Kaptain

Tom Kaptain

Dr. Tennant’s Health Discoveries Changed My Life

“It’s hard to define how Dr. Tennant’s health discoveries and training have changed my life because they are simply such a part of me and the way I think now. I guess I could say that he gave my life a jump-start, and the initial impetus was his incredible compassion.” – Brenda Shebs

Brenda Shebs

Feel Like A New Person

“I am so glad I was introduced to Dr. Tennant and his view of healing. I feel like a new person, and I have energy that I never realized I had. Everyone on Dr. Tennant’s team has been super courteous and helpful.” – David Davenport

David Davenport

All Pain Vanished

“1.5 yrs later, whether sitting, standing, getting up and down, or sleeping, the back tension has not returned [after BioModulator® therapy]. All pain vanished, and I give thanks to Dr. Tennant, as I still marvel when I can rise out of the chair, hop out of bed, stand with both feet together.” – Kim Stewart

Kim Stewart

Migraine Frequency Reduced

A 50-year-old with a 25-year history of severe migraine headaches was diagnosed by a neurologist. Headaches lasted as long as ten weeks and required 5 different prescription medications and frequent trips to the emergency room. After Tennant BioModulator® therapy, migraines are now infrequent and never last more than a couple of hours.

Soldier’s Wrist Injury Healed

A soldier had seven operations on his wrist for a war injury that sliced his nerve and tendons. He developed a severely painful condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. He could not even allow a shirt sleeve to touch his wrist and he was on chronic pain medications. His hand was white, swollen, and he had movement of only his thumb and index finger. After treatment with the Tennant BioModulator®, the soldier stated that he could move his fingers and the pain was gone. Treatment occurred within a Military facility in Texas. The soldier requested further treatments with the Tennant BioModulator®.

Amputee’s Phantom Pain Greatly Reduced

A soldier who had a leg amputated was experiencing severe phantom pain. After treatment by the Tennant BioModulator® Physician, the soldier stated that 80-90% of his pain was reduced by the therapy.

Fused Neck Rotation Improved

A 60-year-old patient had their neck fused. The patient continued to have pain and could only rotate their neck a few degrees to the left and right. After being treated with the Tennant BioModulator®, the patient stated that they could turn their neck normally and the pain was 90% reduced.

Harpist Can Finally Play Music Again

A 50-year-old harpist was in an auto accident that caused her to lose about three inches of her right clavicle. She had gone through multiple surgeries but still had significant pain and restriction of motion in her right arm. She was treated with the Tennant BioModulator®. She then demonstrated that she could then raise her arm over her head without pain. The next day, she played the harp for the first time since her accident, a period of about three years.

Patient With Crushed Tibia Recovering

A patient was diagnosed with a crushed tibia. Original prognosis; six to eight weeks of recovery time before attempting to walk. After three weeks of treatments with the Tennant BioModulator® therapy, the patient entered physical therapy to begin to walk. The final X-rays showed rebuilt solid bone where it had been crushed.

Range Of Motion In Shoulder Restored

The patient was unable to raise their arm overhead for several weeks. After the Tennant BioModulator® session on the shoulder girdle, the patient had a complete range of motion in the shoulder within the following hours.

Fibromyalgia Patient Finds Relief

A patient suffering from Fibromyalgia for seven years had severe pain in the neck and both shoulders. A week after treatments with the Tennant BioModulator®, the patient reported that pain was almost non-existent.

Dental Post-Op Healing Accelerated

Diane D is an RN with years of experience. She was diagnosed with a possible thyroid tumor and believed that the root canal and metal filling under a crown on lower left and upper right were contributing to her declining health. Diane provided Thermography images of her head and neck. The image was taken on February 2013. She sent these images because she is convinced that her dental care and following Dr. Tennant’s protocols as is evidenced by her thermography results. Dental intervention was performed to remove failed root canal on tooth #5 and removal of a failed metal amalgam filling under the crown on tooth #19. Two days post-op, thermography images reveal significant changes in heat patterns reflecting decreased inflammation and infection. Post-op there was not any need for pain medication as she did not have any discomfort and used the BioModulator® and BioTransducer®. She also did not have any bruising or swelling. Her previous symptoms such as; sore throat, postnasal drainage, and sinus pain abated within 24 hours and the tumor is now gone.

Debilitating Back Pain Resolved

A 92-Year-Old Female was experiencing severe debilitating back pain for no apparent reason and was not able to sleep at night or get around during the day without the use of a walker. She had an exceptional health history without any previous health complaints and a very healthy lifestyle including; organic food and pure water, exercise and quality sleep before she had dental work resulting in two failed root canal teeth. All other health history and physical conditions were excellent and strong. The patient stated that she not only wanted to resolve the pain she wanted to eliminate the source of the pain and believed it was from two failed root-canaled teeth in the same acupuncture meridian as the area of back pain. She followed Dr. Tennant’s protocols and Tennant BioModulator® for pain and removal of failed RCT. Her results were exceptionally fast. She reported that her pain was 100% gone 45 minutes after the dental removal of failed RCT. A few weeks later the patient reported that she was able to get her driver’s license back and take a solo ten-hour road trip to a family reunion six months after the dental interception. In her case, 100% of her pain could be associated with the infection from the failed root canal.

Teeth Injury Healed

An 18-year-old male was kicked in the mouth by a horse and immediately sought a dentist to reposition his front teeth that were pushed back out of place and applied the Tennant BioModulator® & BioTransducer® therapy. Seven years later he still has his original teeth and is now serving his country in the military.

Symptoms Subsided With BioModulator® Therapy

A 59-year-old female with a healthy medical and dental history except for an accident that broke her nose, jaw and loosened her front teeth. An oral surgeon, following standard procedures; removed eight healthy teeth and performed extensive jaw surgery that left her with six titanium screws in her jaw. Several years later she began experiencing the signs of internal resorption in her front teeth and a dentist advised her to have root canal therapy on the front teeth.

She also recognized that she had a potential underlying dental/whole-body health concern because of the oral surgery and resorption in her front teeth that related to other symptoms. She followed Dr. Tennant’s protocols for healthy nutrition and used the Tennant BioModulator® and BioTransducer® directed to her front teeth in the Ten-8 and Infinity modes several times a day for 10 minutes alternating sessions. The symptoms subsided within a few weeks and three months later the resorption process had reversed and 12 years later she still has her healthy front teeth.

Prioritizing Health Is Important

A 57-year-old male commented that he would like to get the message to next-generation that prioritizing health is of utmost importance. He stated that he spent the first half of his life accumulating wealth and now spending his wealth to get back his health. He wishes he had invested in his health as that is the only real wealth. His determination now is to invest his resources in healthier choices. He uses the Tennant BioModulator® every day and has been following Dr. Tennant’s protocols for nutrition. He has had all the metal failed fillings and root canal therapy removed and he has been feeling better than he has felt in years.

Full Body Recovery from BioModulator® Therapy

A 63-year-old female had primary care for her aging parents and in-laws while also assisting her husband with the management of an organic farm including chickens and cows. She stated that she uses the Tennant BioModulator® ANS therapy each morning and evening. She has had much more energy since the removal of her dental infections. She has noticed that she has not had any allergic reactions since she has been applying Dr. Tennant’s protocols. She has also seen a significant improvement with her endocrine system and with the removal of scars. She stated that her biggest concern for years was her gastrointestinal systems and that she has noticed an improvement in her gut function when she used the soreness oil and the BioTranducer® on her scar on her stomach from hysterectomy surgery.

Doctor Regains Health

77-year-old male with three primary concerns; arteriosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, and lumbar pain. He is a medical doctor who has dedicated his life to helping his patients. He has had significant pain from coronary angina, infrarenal aneurysm and dental infections. He had a triple coronary bypass with one failing. He had a friend use the Tennant BioModulator® on him to ease his pain and is now applying Dr. Tennant’s protocols and use of the Tennant BioModulator® to regain his health.

BioModulator® Improves Balance & Wellbeing

A 64-year-old female with primary care for her husband who suffered a stroke. He has double vision cognition issues “brain fog” and balance issues. She uses the Tennant BioModulator® to balance his ANS and cranial sacral system which helps him with his balance issues and helps him feel better. She uses the BioTransducer® on a microphone stand pointed at the points on her husband’s skull that are “sticky”. She uses the large body electrode down his spine which also helps him feel better and seems to help his vision. She states that they drink the Restore shake every morning as well as the iodine and Raw Materials and they are “amazing”.

Relief From Multiple Ailments

A 71 year old male’s primary complaints were lack of restful sleep due to BPH, sleep apnea, and adrenal fatigue, enlarged prostate, and arthritics in his hands and wrist. He has found relief with using the accessory for the enlarged prostate and electrodes for rotator cuff injury. He is looking forward to attending the Masters class to learn more.

Pain Levels Reduced

A 73 year old female had low back pain, knee pain climbing steps and emotional concerns. Her pain level was at a ten on a scale of one to ten but is much better now. She uses the B&B therapy twice a day and the Tennant BioModulator® on her back for 30 minutes to relieve the low back pain.

Baby Colic Relieved By BioTransducer®

A three-month-old baby girl with a history of colic was crying and in obvious pain. Her grandmother plugged the BioTransducer® into the Tennant BioModulator® selecting the Ten-8 mode and began aiming the light moving the BioTransducer® in a circular motion around the baby’s tummy. The baby stopped crying almost immediately and grabbed the BioTransducer®. It was assumed that she was going to try and either look at the light or put it in her mouth as she did other objects. Instead, she began to hold the BioTransducer® on her own tummy and moving it in a circular motion to the astonishment of her parents and grandmother. She soon began to giggle and filled her diaper. After she was changed, she fell into a peaceful sleep for the remainder of the night. This experience was shared with a young medical doctor who also had a three-month-old with a history of colic. The doctor came back the next day sharing his similar experience with being able to help his baby with the tummy problems in the night in the same way by using the BioTransducer® in the Ten-8 mode in a peristalses circular motion for a few minutes. The therapy helped his baby in the same way it helped the grandmother’s baby. Both parents reported that they used the therapy on other occasions to help ease the GI disturbance in the babies’ tummy.

BioTransducer® Pro Helped Stroke Recovery

Arlene, 62 year old female recovering from a stroke and followed all the Tennant protocols and sees significant improvements with BT Pro:

“I had been paralyzed on the left side from the stroke for 2 months when I finally recovered feeling and motion, but my leg was still having difficulty with balance and walking. Since switching to the Pro BioTransducer® I have noticed more advanced improvements in balance and walking. Somedays without a cane!”

Chronic Diseases Helped By Voltage Healing

My glaucoma has begun to heal up. March 6, I had the eyeball topography test and the layer of nerves inside my eyeballs is twice as thick as last year. The first improvement since diagnosed 27 years ago at age 43. To have anything improve at age 70 is notable, I’d say.

Then I saw my primary care doc 2/20 after blood was drawn for the a.1.c. lipid panel test. The test showed my total cholesterol level was the lowest it has ever been! My poor doc was stunned and bewildered. He looked at me as if wondering “What planet are you from?”. I wrote a letter to him explaining what was going on and referred him to one of Dr. Tennant’s Youtube videos where he details his life’s story.

Also, arthritis in my right hand’s middle ring and ring finger’s first joint is improving rapidly. Almost healed.

So, I’ve had three chronic diseases healed or healing after getting the voltage up to specification, as we engineers say.

Best regards,
Bob James

Bob James

Voltage Therapy Is A Game Changer

“Voltage therapy has helped me with sleep and my neck pain. The BioModulator®/BioTransducer® have been a game changer in my life with everything I have attempted to treat and use it for… I’m very grateful for it!” – April Ollen, Vernon BC

April Ollen

Instant Pain Relief For Clients

“I wanted to follow up with you on the many successes I have had in my practice while incorporating the Tennant BioModulator®. The BioModulator®, coupled with my acupuncture treatments, has provided instantaneous relief for clients experiencing various types of pain (ie. in the sciatic, hip and leg regions). I have used it to identify low energy points or points or low voltage and treated those areas for approximately 5 minutes or until the voltage was raised to -50 millivolts. I often found that the areas of pain were associated with higher levels of acidity and in turn low voltage. After targeting the painful sites with the BioModulator® and using acupuncture in distal points, recovery time was accelerated by at least 50% compared to using acupuncture on its own. In most cases 1 treatment was enough to stop the pain. It is too soon to generalize how long this effect will last, but with healthy lifestyle maintenance, I am hopeful the effects will be long lasting. Other positive results were seen with respect to digestive issues as well. With gratitude for all your support.” Lily Harb, R.Ac, St. Catharines, Ontario

Lily Harb, R.Ac

Energy Has Returned

“I struggled for years with what was discovered to be mercury amalgam poisoning. I began a pro-active detox program in October 2018. After a year I still could not recover my absent vitality and grew frustrated. Thanks to a heavenly blessing I discovered a video by Dr. Tennant. Although I had not worked in over a year, I purchased the BioModulator® and within a week my energy has returned…” – John Kirk, BC

John Kirk

Tennant Approach Beneficial To Patients

“I have been using the Tennant approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions for months now having attended the Introductory and Master Class offered by Dr. Tennant. The books authored by Dr. Tennant have also been instructive.

The past Master Class also afforded the opportunity to treat patients with Dr. Tennant at his office.

Over 25 years ago, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Exposure to his training has complemented my training in Anesthesia, Pain Management, Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Ozone Therapies. Fundamental to all is the necessity of energy to create a truly healing environment.

Daily, I find using the BioModulator® and BioTransducer® to have expanded my treatments, enhanced patient outcomes and renewed my interest in the usefulness of TCM theory and microcurrent therapy.” – Dr. Robert Banner, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCP, London On

Dr. Robert Banner, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCP

Valuable Addition to Doctor’s Pracrice

“I have been using the Tennant BioModulator® for 6 months and it has become a valuable part of my diagnostic and therapy programs. It has been a great advantage for me to be able to precisely measure a Bioterminal voltages which provides me a clear picture of the energetic circles that are out of the normal voltage range, that could be the root cause of poor health.

Local measurements, like scars, are also very important in order to be able to reduce some of visible blockages. I like to do spine measurements – vertebra by vertebra with the small electrode which can easly detect subluxated vertebra. My chiropractor is delighted with BioModulator® diagnostic as well as therapeutic possibilities. A diagnosis and immediate treatment of the Bowling Ball syndrome is one of the procedures that amazes me the most with immediate positive results that are visible.

It is also important to mention the professional after sales support from Biohealth and Senergy Medical Group. Whenever I had questions on how to use the device or I wanted additional educational materials, it was provided in a timely manner. So thank you Dr. Tennant for developing such a valuable pain/health management device and thank you Bob for selling it to me!”

– Dr. Darko Mardjetko, Center for Holistic Medicine, Zadar, Croatia.

Dr. Darko Mardjetko

BioModulator® Optimizes Health

“The Tennant BioModulator® has been a tremendous addition to my chiropractic practice providing a diverse range of benefits and purposes. It is a very effective portable device that has facilitated the healing of stubborn chronic injuries that patients believed would never resolve after trying different therapies. It has also physically changed the appearance of a number of my patients by realigning them structurally. It is easy to use and gives vital feedback regarding your health and treatment progress. I particularly find it useful for helping to balance the autonomic nervous system which is so important in this day and age. With regular use, the alignment of the spine and skull are also improved. I highly recommend the BioModulator® to anyone interested in optimizing their health. I personally use it every day to maximize my own health.” – Dr. James Hicks DC. Toronto, On

Dr. James Hicks DC.

Clients Are Pain Free

“I am pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the treatments that the BioModulator® provides. Clients are leaving my office, in most cases, pain free. The results are lasting for days and when the pain returns it is much less. I have been able to discharge clients in just a few treatments as they are feeling great. I love the bowling ball treatment technique done on the neck to reset the sphenoid bone and the instant re-alignment that is achieved for both the head and pelvis. I use the “sticky method” of treating pain frequently because clients can feel the dragging effect working which helps reinforce the need for treatment, especially when treating an area different (the cause) than where they are reporting their symptoms. The Tennant Biomodulator® is light and portable so I carry it with me all the time.” – Leanne Giavedoni RPT, Ontario

Leanne Giavedoni RPT

Highly Recommends BioModulator® To Anyone

“I am thrilled to tell you that, so far I have had great success with the Tennant BioModulator®. I have no more pain in back, neck or shoulder pain which I’ve had for a very long time even though I have been receiving chiropractic, massage therapy as well as physiotherapy. My lung issue seems to be clearing up significantly, as well as the cough. I would highly recommend the BioModulator® to anyone who has aches or pains or an illness as our entire body is electric, and voltage is the key to putting some “healing energy” back where it needs to be for complete healing. I would also like to thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and backup information you provided. I look forward to continued friendship and business with you in the future.” – K A. Brantford Ontario

K A. Brantford

BioModulator® Results Help Realign Body

“I have been using the Tennant BioModulator® for about 4 months and have been very pleased with the results. I was amazed with the improvements that I have seen by using a treatment technique to correct the “Bowling Ball Syndrome” recommended by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who developed this device.

I didn’t understand the significance of this until I saw it for myself. This simple procedure (to correct the alignment of the sphenoid bone in the skull) consists of holding the BioModulator® on each side of the neck for a minute or so and then moving the head, then shoulders, then hips from side to side to help the spine to re-adjust. After doing this on myself, I noticed that I was standing differently in my shoes as my weight had shifted. I also somehow felt looser.

I was quite surprised when a client, whose shoulders were misaligned with one several inches above the other, exclaimed in delight as we heard a “clunk-clunk-clunk” in her spine when she moved her hips doing the exercises after using the BioModulator®. Immediately, her shoulders were level. She remarked the next day that she had slept so well and hadn’t felt so good in a long time. The Bowling Ball correction was the only thing that had been done. I have had the same results with several other clients with misaligned shoulders as well.

The Tennant BioModulator® really helped when it was applied to a painful sprained ankle which had been slow in healing. After one application, it was significantly better. Pain was greatly lessened and healing improved after treating a severe toe injury. One client remarked how much the BioModulator® helped her pain and the healing of a gum infection when it was applied to the overlying area of her cheek.

I have found it useful to apply the Tennant BioModulator® to trigger points for muscular and skeletal issues. As a homeopath, I also give homeopathic remedies to assist the body in its effort to heal. The BioModulator® and homeopathy work very well together.

Thank you Dr. Tennant for such a wonderful instrument of healing! Thank you Bob, for bringing the Tennant BioModulator® into Canada!” – D. Fuller, D. Hom. (UK) British Columbia

D. Fuller, D. Hom.
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