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Services Offered At The Tennant Institute

The following is from a recent Facebook Livestream with Chase Faldmo, DC and Dr. David Smithson from the Tennant Institute. To watch the full interview, click the video below!

Q: Where has the clinic moved from and where are you located?

Dr. S: We were previously in Colleyville Texas and we moved just a couple of minutes down the road to the Dallas/Irving area. Good news for all of us… we are on the third floor in the same building as Senergy! That will make life easier for everyone, including our patients, so we’re very excited. We’re now able to be that one-stop shop where you can come in and get answers from the clinic, then head over to Senergy to discuss [BioModulator®] equipment.

Q: What services will be offered at the Tennant Institute this year?

Dr. S: When a patient comes in, it’s best if they see me [Dr. Smithson] as the physician first, since I go through everything and teach each person about Dr. Tennant’s health system that he’s discovered over the years. We spend at least a solid hour and go over the main five pillars of health as it applies to voltage, and I answer questions that pop up.

Now, most people come in knowing what we do here, but every so often we get some new patients who don’t have a full grasp on the concepts, so I make sure everyone is on the same page. This is a different type of medicine that is separate from seeing a family doctor. I want patients to walk out understanding the physics-voltage-electric point of view, how we’re trying to help people stay healthy, then I pass them along to Chase & Eliana to handle detoxing and emotional work.

CF: We also offer packages when you come in that allows you to visit all the practitioners, to get everything done more efficiently, but there’s also the option to see each one of us individually if you’d prefer.

In regards to detoxing, we have several options to detox your body. A comprehensive detox is $300 and includes digitized antidote frequencies specific to your DNA, plus 10 additional antidotes based on your history, and we also send you home with a bottle that you can take orally for maintenance. We also have added a $200 option where you can get up to two additional antidote frequencies, and a $100 option to just get antidote frequencies specific to your DNA, which is very exciting.

Other services that I provide include structural lymphatic work, making sure your joints are in their correct positioning with good movement, and also getting your lymphatic system going from head to toe– this is very important for keeping these toxins out of our body. Another optional service you can have with me is something called cranial nerve sequencing, where I figure out how your nerves are doing, and based on what I find, I give you exercises to help you breathe better for more oxygen and also help your voltage be more efficient, so those are some additional services we provide.

We also have a Vasper machine at the Institute for oxygen & cardiovascular therapy, and Eliana does a lot of the emotional work needed to clear stuck energy.

Q: What is the best way to go about getting ready for that appointment?

Dr. S: The most important thing we can have you do is fill out the paperwork. The paperwork is very important because it gives us all the information we need so that we can have a good quality appointment and be time effective. We go into a deeper history and talk about maybe where you’ve had scars before or tattoos, or even part of your dental history, that’s all vital information that we use in your appointment here. Another thing I think is essential is lab work to see what’s going on with the patient when they’re coming in here. The thyroid is one of the big five too, and so we’ll discuss thyroid and if a patient has all their labs in front of us and it’s ready to go, then if they need treatment we can treat them, we don’t have to say, “Oh we need to order more labs and then we’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks”.

Q: With the conference coming up in March, will there be any services that you will be offering that people could take advantage of while they are here?

CF: Absolutely, for those who are there in person I will be offering all three detox options and also be offering some structural lymphatic work, so even if you come a week before or stay a couple of days after the conference, you can come and see everyone at the office as an option. You can also book appointments to get emotional clearing work done as well.

Q: Are ongoing or follow-up appointments necessary?

Dr. S: Well to me personally, I think it’s good to have that initial session here and be treated, it’s so different from mainstream medicine that I think it’s difficult for anybody, even the smartest people, to digest it all in one visit. Now, we are going to discuss about how they can treat themselves at home and what they can do remotely, but to me, it’s just never the same as being in the office where you’re in front of people and you can talk and interact. I think follow-up visits are very important. We can do telemedicine and I don’t mind doing that at all but it’s always better to be here, so hopefully travel restrictions will start to loosen up a little bit at some point this year and people can travel here to visit the clinic.

I think it’s always best to come back and be seen whether it’s in three months to follow up, or if it’s a yearly follow-up- a lot of it depends on the patient’s problems. If they’re more here for wellness then it doesn’t have to be as frequent, if somebody has some major physical challenges then they need may need to come back more often.

CF: I can do toxin work via telemedicine as well where we can have you send in a hair and a nail sample, that way we can digitize antidotes specific to your DNA, which is a great option. With cranial nerve work, I can do the tests via zoom to figure out how your body responds to it and I can send you videos about how you can do these exercises at home, and so if you can come in person, great! But telemedicine is there for you as well.

As far as maintenance goes, it’s easier to be preventative than to have to react to something, so when you’re proactive about your health, you’re going to have better outcomes, whereas if you come in when it’s too late, it can be tough. That’s why the voltage piece is so key. You can physically take voltage readings and check different indicators on the body and see if there could be a potential problem down the road. It’s important to listen to your body and get in tune with yourself and not ignore symptoms as they pop up and wait until it gets really bad.

This is what Dr. Tennant teaches us: our bodies need the right tools to rebuild and restore and if you’re providing it voltage, detox, and nutrition, then restoration can happen.

To see a comprehensive list of services that the Tennant Institute offers, please visit this link.

You can call the clinic at 972-580-1156 or email them at to book an appointment.

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