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Interview with Scott Tennant, CEO

Scott Tennant, CEO – All About Senergy & What’s to Come in 2021


Emmy Grimes: We have Scott Tennant, the CEO of Senergy Medical Group here with us today. He is the creator behind everything that we stand for at Senergy and we’re going to talk about things that we planned at Senergy for this year, advice that Dr. Tennant (his father) has given Scott, and his mission of offering healthier, more natural ways to Get Well, Be Well and Live Well®.

Scott, I’m going to start it off right now by asking you, where did you create the phrase Get Well, Be Well and Live Well®?

Scott Tennant: 20 years ago when we first crafted what we’re going to do and what became Senergy, we were sitting in a family meeting figuring out what we were going to do, what we were going to say, and what our mission would be, and I really tried to come up with a phrase that was catchy but meant something. The first thing I thought was the trilogy or three (things come in threes), so we basically said well, past, present, and future.

A question people often ask us is, “I want to get well”, so there was number one. Another question we are asked is, “I want to be well and I want to live well”, so really it’s the past, present, and future. The past was, “I was sick, I want to be well now and I want to live well in the future”.

I think what 2020 taught us is that we need to be more preventative and more proactive than ever before. Something that we could even add this year is staying well, because that’s an important piece that we’ve come to learn.

Emmy Grimes: What excites you most about 2021?

Scott Tennant: I really think that when everybody said they were excited for 2020 and that 2020 was going to be the year of clear vision… wow, did we get what we asked for! Looking forward, all of the things we learned by being able to be quiet, because a lot of things we love and had and did that were really sort of distractions, sort of went away, and you had to look inward. You also had a chance to look outward and come up with things that didn’t work for you.

Most people think this next year is going to really be about growth, working on what we learned about ourselves. Growth and understanding and really seeing where we need to take care of ourselves. I really think this next year is about growth and just finding your mission about what you want to do and what makes your life special and how you can give love to other people.

Emmy Grimes: What are some of the programs that Senergy is starting this year to help give everyone the help they need?

Scott Tennant: Our whole team here is constantly looking for ways to add extra value, and to help teach and learn and be here to assist each other and our clients. We’re looking at ways of working with our referring doctors, current clients, and future clients and making the information available to everyone either in person with our conferences or virtually. We’re also looking at a potential coaching element that’ll be announced later.

I know with Senergy University and having that portal already available to us, that’s been huge for people out there who are new and need a place to learn more about our daily protocols and get the help where they need it. We will continue to build on that.

Emmy Grimes: What are you most grateful for when it comes to our Senergy family?

Scott Tennant: Wow, you know, a lot actually. I value the support and teamwork and digging into what works and what doesn’t work and always thinking about how we can reach out and help other people, that’s so important to me. To those people who are still struggling on how to get well, just know that we’re here for you and have the tools you need to move forward.

I also am grateful that we continue thinking outside the box and are trying to figure out what are the patterns of questions are people asking that we need to come up with an answer for.

Emmy Grimes: What is the greatest piece of advice that your dad (Dr. Tennant) has given you that you want to share with the world?

Scott Tennant: It really goes back to when I was a kid, I would go to school but try to get out as soon as possible so I could get to the office where we were doing ophthalmology. I wanted to see the miracle and see the patients and interact and see how people were helping others. What I noticed was to get better, I never remember anybody in my family on either side ever saying they can’t do something. It was always about how do we do something, which led to my Dad and my whole family actually having look outside the box, think of a different way, a better way. An easier way to get results faster, safer, quicker. I think that is something that has really formulated who I am, is that we look outside the box.

It really shows up as us looking at the core of what actually causes the illness. Don’t treat the symptoms, there’s something that’s causing your symptoms. I think a lot of people out there feel like they’re not listened to in traditional medicine or other places they’re going because they treat the symptoms. Those symptoms are a key to knowing what is wrong, what’s happening. If you treat and cover up the symptom, you miss the core value or the core of what’s happening to you.

Emmy Grimes: What is your health routine as far as a daily regimen to stay healthy?

Scott Tennant: Keeping my voltage up, that’s doing the protocol, staying as healthy as possible. When you raise your voltage, you have the energy to be mentally agile, emotionally agile, you’re able to handle your finances and health if you have the voltage to think properly. You can sit there and think, “What’s a pattern in my life? What do I do that helps me? What do I do that harms me? What can I do to change my life?”.

I’ve heard my Dad say, “Keep the things that work for you, get rid of the things that don’t work for you.” You know your body, you need to be in control of your body, your mind, and how you treat yourself and do what helps you to get well.

It is very important for us to do whatever we can to help people get well and stay well. That is our mission.

To learn more about Senergy, please explore our website or book an appointment with one of our Senergy Advisors here.

This blog is a transcript from a Friday Livestream with Scott Tennant. Click the video below to watch the full interview!

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