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How Emotions Affect Your Body

The following is taken directly from Dr. Amy Marshall over at the Tennant Institute

Dr. Marshall’s health journey began after the birth of her third child. She became very fatigued and no longer felt like herself. Working in Western medicine, she had seen patients in similar situations, who were put on antidepressants. Knowing this was not in her best interest, she sought out the help of Dr. Tennant. All of the aspects of health that she now teaches (thyroid, dental infections, scars, emotions, and toxins) are what she personally used to raise her voltage and heal.​ Learn more about Dr. Amy Marshall here.

“Integrating the theories and principles in Dr. Tennant’s: Healing is Voltage™, has allowed me to help my patients on many levels.  We have come to understand that there are many areas that must be addressed for a patient to get well and stay well.  Now in my practice, I can address the ‘why am I sick’ instead of just covering up the symptoms. When the ‘why’ is discovered, then the process of healing can begin.” —Amy Marshall, DNP

How can emotions decrease our voltage? Well, they become “stuck energies”. All emotions have a charge to them, so when we have a personal experience, there’s a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional component to that experience. The emotional component can be very highly charged and attached to a memory from the past, so going and finding these stuck energies and decoupling them from the memory prevents the charge from draining the physical body moving forward.

One thing that also takes a toll is ancestral baggage, or the ancestral emotional charge that has been passed on. When Dr. Marshall was in her genetics training, they often talked about junk DNA and how it has no genetic expression, but what’s really going on is it is information that’s been passed on through generations into the present time. So a patient might need just as much ancestral work done as regular emotional work in the present time. 

When a patient visits the clinic, they’ll get a full workup where their emotional drains are identified. Often, adrenal fatigue is present, and that is when a person is in fight or flight for long periods of time, and their adrenals are burned out. Essentially, what’s going on is that the emotional memories in the brain are running in the background constantly, usually without people being aware of it, and draining the body’s voltage.

During a session with Dr. Amy Marshall, the patient lies down on a table and is surrounded by several BioTransducers®, and then Dr. Marshall works to open up the field of energy in the body, adjust where necessary through a method called emotional tuning, and then close that energy field safely. This process takes somewhere between 45-60 minutes. 

Dr. Amy Marshall uses sound, light, stones, and a type of science called bio-geometry to accelerate the process of finding stuck emotions in her patients and transmuting those stuck energies to help their physical body heal. The BioTransducer® is used during these sessions to help raise the vibration of the space (AKA increasing the voltage of cells). 

Recently, Dr. Marshall had a funny experience. “I’ve been working with a family, so a mother, father, and two daughters, and it’s probably been 3 to 4 weeks now where I’ve been able to work on all of them several times, and the interesting thing that’s happening now is some of the most dramatic results that have happened have been working on ancestral work for them. But also, when I work on a daughter, the mother is feeling it! And so I get a call from the mother, “Are you working on my daughter?”, “Oh, yes, sorry!”. So that an energetic adjustment becomes part of the resonance of the family, so anytime someone in the family changes, the whole family adjusts as well.”

Something that we can all do is become very consciously aware of what we’re thinking. If we can step back and look at our lives and experiences objectively, from a place of neutrality, then it’s a lot easier to take a balanced approach as you’re going through challenging life experiences. Something else Dr. Marshall swears by is meditation, and she encourages her patients to practice it as well. 

Getting outside, feeling the sun, and putting your feet on the ground (also known as grounding) are all considered voltage donors (read more on that here). Healthy foods and hydration are also important. Finding a quiet space to sit and be with yourself is vital because we all have constant stimulus and humans are really not meant to work that way. We’re actually meant to have moments of quiet out in nature where we can be with ourselves, our feelings, and our energetic body. 

To learn more about the emotional tuning & clearing process, please watch Dr. Amy Marshall’s full Facebook live video over on our YouTube channel.

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