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Dental Infection: Voltage Stealer

Here at Senergy and The Tennant Institute, we talk a lot about the 5 root causes (or factors) of low voltage: thyroid hormones, scars, emotions, toxins, and dental infections.

Teeth are like the circuit breakers of the body. If you’ve ever had a circuit breaker flip in your house, you know that no matter what you do to turn on and off the lights, it’s not going to work because the breaker is flipped. 

But how exactly are the teeth connected to the rest of the body? Well, when an embryo is forming, the brain forms first, and then the circuits develop from the brain down into the embryo, and they go through very specific teeth before continuing on into the different areas and organs of the body. Therefore, the teeth become an integrated part of every acupuncture meridian/circuit (or muscle battery packs, more information to come on that soon). 

For example, if the tooth decays, the decay simply acts as a resistor and slows down or reduces the voltage in that circuit. This is how an infection in the bone around the tooth acts as a circuit breaker and switches the flow of voltage off.

In summary, root canals, infections & cavitations in the bone block your circuits by interrupting electron flow. The reason why root canals are the biggest culprit is that the tooth is dead, and any dead tissue in the body eventually becomes infected. In time, it spreads into the bone around the tooth. When you pull a tooth, if the bone doesn’t heal correctly and gets an infection, that infection can stay in the bone and smolder there for 40 or 50 years. It might not cause any pain, but it shorts the circuit out. That’s how infected teeth have the ability to drop the body’s voltage and cause chronic pain, inflammation, and disease.

At the Tennant Institute, if our doctors suspect you may have one of these issues, they will direct you to a biologic dentist who can perform a cone-beam scan.

A cone-beam scan is a mini, high-definition CT scan of the tooth that can detect infection around the bone of the tooth. Once identified, they can be expertly pulled by the dentist and the infection can be removed. Then, they usually inject ozone into it to sterilize the bone. Ozone is an incredible antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Typically, they will also draw a small amount of blood and put it into the socket where they pulled the tooth to aid the bone in healing after being sterilized. It’s an amazing procedure that can get the body’s voltage flowing again.

If you’d like to read more, here’s an article from Dr. Mercola on the dangers of root canals.

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