The Five Reasons for Low Voltage “When you have the voltage, all the things it takes to make a cell, and deal with the toxins that damage cells as fast as you make them, your body will begin to heal.” – Dr. Jerry Tennant Human cells are designed to run at about -20 millivolts (or pH of 7.35). The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments when your cells reach -50 millivolts. But you may be wondering… what causes low voltage in the first place? There are five root causes that Dr. Tennant has identified that will drain your voltage. 
  1. Dental Infections: The teeth are like the circuit breakers of your body. If you’ve ever had a circuit breaker flip in your house, you know that no matter what you do to turn on and off the lights, it’s not going to work because the breaker is flipped. Teeth will do the same thing to the body if you have dental infections. Dental infections can include root canals, extracted teeth, amalgams or crowns.
  2. Toxins: Toxins are anything outside of the body that shouldn’t be in the body that can cause it harm and lower its voltage. They can include, chemical, metal, microbial or airborne toxins. Toxins can cause your cells not to reproduce like they should and cause your voltage to be lowered.
  3. Scars: Scars can cause a physical block to the energy highways that lead to the organ systems of the body.
  4. Thyroid Hormone: Since there are thyroid receptors on every cell of your body, the thyroid must be optimized. If it is not, it is a very large voltage stealer on all the circuits of the body.
  5. Emotions: Emotions can become a physical drain on the body. When we experience emotional turmoil in our lives, we leave a little bit of our energy behind.
These are the root causes that The Tennant Institute works to identify with each and every patient so we can begin the healing journey.
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