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Understanding the dental connection is an essential part of Dr. Tennant’s teachings. As Dr. Tennant talks about in his books, your teeth can be the biggest problem with the health of your body. Dr. Tennant wants everyone to find out if they have any hidden dental infections. Most people think if they don’t have pain, there is no problem. Another misconception is that an X-ray would show infection if it were there. The truth is you can have a severe infection and have no pain at all, and X-rays are not detailed enough to show disease. That is why it is essential to get a 3D cone beam scan. Once you have a 3D cone beam image and understand the issues, it is crucial to pick the right dentist to get the job done correctly.

Jerry Tennant, MD: Teeth as Circuit Breakers


You want a dentist that uses ozone to help clean and sterilize the area, and that uses platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to help expedite the healing. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is not the same and does not work nearly as well. It will be necessary to call the biological dentist in your area to ask if they use ozone and platelet-rich fibrin. Many dentists may say they can sterilize the root canal by injecting ozone or using a laser. This statement is not correct; you need to remove the root canal, and then the area sterilized with ozone. It is very important to ask very detailed questions when finding the right dentist.

One website: is a site where you may identify dentists in your area. Some of these dentists may have a 3D cone beam scan and may use ozone and platelet-rich fibrin, but you will need to call them to be sure. A website to help you find professionals using ozone, You may search the NewTom 3D Cone Beam at a location near you. There are different types of 3D Cone Beam Scans. Depending on where technicians or dentists receive their training. Below is some additional information about 3D cone beam technology.

The solutions to these questions need to be patient-specific. Thus, the list of items provided does not provide specific answers; instead, it is to promote further research to enable patients to make informed decisions and encourage them to seek solutions that are best for them. It is to the patient’s advantage to understand the commitment and assemble a team of healthcare practitioners who will work together and provide the patient with optimal choices to obtain mutual goals for wellness.

We encourage you to request a phone interview before you schedule an appointment. You might ask who you may speak with in the dental office to answer some general questions about the dentist’s beliefs and practices to determine where you may obtain the best possible services you need. The dental office may request that you complete a new patient medical/dental chronology questionnaire because the more preliminary information you provide will allow for more personalized answers to your questions during a scheduled interview with the dentist.

Most doctors and Biological dentists share the following non-mercury practices: No Fluoride. No Fragrances. No Latex. No Root Canal Treatments. No Metals are used in Restorative Dentistry. No Titanium Implants. No VOC in office paints. Yes to homeopathy, Yes to Full Spectrum Lighting, and Yes to working with like-minded M.Ds, NDs, Chiropractors for Patient Nutritional Supplementation, Detox, and Appropriate Corrections.

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