The Importance of Holistic Dentistry

On a recent Facebook Live Stream, Senergy Advisors Tamara Bagwell, N.D., and Emmy Grimes discussed the importance of holistic dentistry and how to find one near you. They covered questions you should ask a dentist and why, and how intrusive dental procedures such as root canals and fillings drain the voltage from your body! This is a super important conversation you don’t want to skip. You can watch the full video below.

The Dangers of Root Canals

This is a big topic, one that Dr. Jerry Tennant has studied at length and has deemed one of the top 5 reasons for low voltage in the body. The teeth are sort of like the circuit breakers of the body in which electricity flows through, and when those channels are blocked by infection, it can affect the whole body. You can click this link to learn more about why root canals and other intrusive dental work can impede your body’s ability to heal itself.

Root canals fail at a higher rate than many other types of dental procedures so you want to avoid getting one if possible. If you already have one, you will want to monitor them and make sure they haven’t gotten infected. 

You can do this by finding a holistic dentist (sometimes referred to as a biological dentist) that can perform a 3D Cone Beam Scan. These dentists generally try to do things as naturally as possible using the biological materials that are best for the body and are the least contaminated.

How To Find The Right Biological Dentist

Sometimes it can be hard to locate a biological dentist as they are not all listed as such, so it’s important to have a list of questions as you contact different dentists. One of the first questions you should ask them is if they perform root canals, that will give you a good indication if they are following a more holistic or traditional approach. 

A good place to start is a website called IAOMT where you can search by state to get a list of offices to start calling.

The second question you should ask is whether or not they use a 3D Cone Beam Scan to detect dental infections (which you can have without knowing or feeling it, an x-ray cannot detect infections). Now, just because they have a 3D Cone Beam Scan does not mean they’re using it specifically for the purpose of finding infections, so ask specifically if they are using it for that reason. This is a good indication of if the dentist is aware and trained in finding dental infections using this particular method.

The third question is if they use ozone to clean the infection itself. Ozone is one of the best things in dentistry to clean out dental infections. Since your jaw bone has many little nooks and crannies and holes where bacteria can live, if you’re not using ozone to clean out that infection, it might not be thorough enough.

You’ll want to do your homework thoroughly before booking any appointments to avoid having to go to multiple dentists for different things. Find a biological dentist who can do it all.

Extra Points to Keep In Mind

There is a difference between platelet-rich fiber and platelet-rich plasma, which are injectables dentists use to help a wound heal after a tooth is pulled and the roots are removed. The fiber one is better to fill the void left behind by the tooth because it’s a solid material instead of a liquid that sort of resembles flexible pasta, so it can be stitched into place and it will stay there; it’s not going to fall or slip out.

Platelet-rich plasma isn’t bad, per se, it just has a higher rate of slipping out of place and having to be re-done.

Listen to Western Healthcare Physician Dr. Ken Kelly’s personal journey working with Dr. Steve Evans DDS to investigate his own personal dental issues and learn more about holistic dentistry from the Healing is Voltage™ paradigm. 

Click here to go straight to his interview.

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