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Take Control of Your Health with Senergy & The Tennant Institute

Take Control Of Your Health with Senergy

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Senergy & the Tennant Institute’s options for holistic & integrative health. In this blog post, we will discuss the multitude of options available to maintain optimal voltage in your body and maximize its functioning. We will go over the significance of our body’s power supply, uncover the comprehensive evaluation procedures at the Tennant Institute, explore ongoing care options, and learn about the various Senergy approaches to health and nutritional support available to promote your well-being.

Managing The Flow of Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant emphasizes the critical role that voltage plays in maintaining optimal health. Chronic diseases often occur when an organ loses its power supply, or voltage (energy needed to make new, healthy cells that heal). Our muscles are like rechargeable batteries stacked on top of each other to form power packs. This concept in Eastern medicine is referred to as acupuncture meridians – the circuits that power our organs (or deliver voltage/electrons to regenerate cells).

The Tennant Institute and Senergy work closely together to help patients find the root cause of their low voltage/illness/pain and get them back on the road to recovery using these concepts.

Senergy Services

When it comes to restoring flipped polarities within your circuits, Dr. Tennant introduces various Senergy methods, each varying in terms of speed and effectiveness. These methods offer compelling options to suit your comfort levels and desired outcome:

  • Essential Oils: An economical choice, essential oils developed for specific circuits provide a gradual improvement in restoring power. This approach is budget-friendly and accessible to most individuals.
  • Tennant Crystal Wave BioTransducer®: For individuals seeking a faster and more potent solution, the Crystal Wave BioTransducer® provides a compelling alternative. It can be likened to using a bicycle to cover a long distance, offering notable efficacy.
  • Tennant BioTransducer® Pro: The epitome of power and speed, the BioTransducer® Pro is akin to traveling in a comfortable and high-performance sports car. This method yields rapid results and is ideal for those eager to witness swift changes.

Recharging Your Muscle Battery Packs

To recharge your muscles effectively, Dr. Tennant strongly recommends incorporating a Tennant BioModulator® into your routine. These devices emit electromagnetic energy, facilitating the replenishment of voltage in your muscle battery packs. The use of a Tennant BioModulator® is highly recommended for addressing a variety of health concerns.

Comprehensive Evaluations at Tennant Institute

Toxins, stuck emotions, dental infections, thyroid issues, and scars are all underlying causes of low voltage in the body, according to Dr. Tennant. You can watch a video on this concept at this link.

When you seek care at the Tennant Institute, Dr. Tennant recommends commencing your journey with a comprehensive two-day exam. This thorough examination includes evaluations of your muscle battery packs, dental checkups to detect any shorts in the circuits, assessments of emotional baggage, examinations of structural issues, cranial nerve evaluations, and toxin analysis.

These evaluations provide valuable insights into which organs have lost their power supply, aiding in the identification of potential areas of concern to address.

Ongoing Care at the Clinic

Following the initial exam, the Tennant Institute offers a range of ongoing sessions and therapies tailored to your specific needs. These services include emotional clearing therapy, brain training to address grief, post-traumatic stress, ADHD, IV options for Lyme disease, and detoxification, among others. Depending on your physical fitness level, you may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Athletic
    • If you are an athletic individual requiring a check-up, the two-day exam will be instrumental in evaluating your overall health and well-being.
  • Fatigued
    • If you experience fatigue and a lack of energy for exercise, the two-day exam will serve as a foundational assessment. Further, additional therapies such as addressing dental infections, engaging in multiple Emotional Sessions, undergoing Brain Retraining Sessions, receiving multiple IVs for Chronic Infections, and resetting your adrenals can propel your path to recovery.
  • Chronically Ill
    • Individuals who find themselves too sick to exercise may require a three-week intensive therapy program. Comparable to hospitals, the Tennant Institute boasts advanced equipment valued at $250,000 to aid those in need of targeted care.

Nutritional Resources

Beyond fixing voltage imbalances and recharging your batteries, it is vital to nourish your body with the essential materials required for cell replenishment and growth. Tennant Products has meticulously designed a comprehensive nutritional program that encompasses all the necessary nutrients for fostering cellular function and the creation of new cells. Conveniently, this program can be integrated into your daily routine as a shake or a smoothie, promoting overall well-being. You can visit their website at this link.


Maintaining a consistent power supply to your organs is of utmost importance in preventing chronic diseases and achieving optimal health. The Tennant Institute offers a range of services and therapies catering to your unique needs, ensuring that your circuits remain healthy, and your organs function at their best.

By incorporating Senergy device protocols at home and supporting your body with proper nutrition, you take control of your health and unlock the potential for increased well-being for many years to come.

To learn more about the all-in-one mobile energy device (The Tennant BioModulator®) click here.

To start your journey with the Tennant Institute, click here.

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