Master Class Products

Below you can find a link to all the different products mentioned in Dr. Tennant’s Master Class. To shop all products, please click “SHOP NOW” below: 

Tennant Devices & Packages

Dr. Tennant's BioModulator® and BioTransducer® packages can be found here. These devices help add voltage to your cells and give your body what it needs to make new and healthy cells.

pH Water Prescription Systems

These water filtration systems were mentioned by several speakers including Dr. Chase Faldmo. They are an imperative tool in detoxing the body.

EMF Neutralizers

The Coil Total Shield acts as an absorption and neutralizing unit for harmful electromagnetic radiation from power lines, electric blankets, household appliances, computers, low-frequency broadcasting stations, TVs and other electronics, and even solar flares.


Pendulum that Dr. Tennant incorporates into the Polarity Protocols and for doing emotional release therapy.

Energetic “Homeopathic” Remedy Kit

Energetic signals are captured and imprinted electronically, which are a form of homeopathic medicine. (Dr. Chase Faldmo mentioned in his presentation)

Iodine & Tennant Supplements

Dr. Chase Faldmo and Dr. Tennant mentioned several different Tennant supplement products.

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