Healthy Water For Better Health (Part 1)

The following was taken from a transcription of a recent Facebook Livestream. To watch the full interview, please click here or the video below!

Emmy Grimes 

Hello everyone. Welcome! We are live on our Facebook Livestream, I’m Emmy Grimes. And we have an amazing guest, Leo Szymborski, the CEO & founder of pH Prescriptions. He’s a wonderful man. And I’m so excited to share more wisdom with you. We’re going to be talking about, you know, alkaline water, the importance of energized water and the different filters that are offered through pH Prescriptions.

Thank you so much for being here. I’m really excited to talk about this. What’s the reason that you developed pH Prescription and give us a little bit more from your background? I’m pretty sure you started off in the womb with like a wrench in a plumber hat on or something.

Leo Szymborski 

Yeah, I’ve been doing water treatment purification for over 30 plus years now. I like working with my father and you know, following the steps of my grandfather, and I’m a third-generation plumber by trade. I was out of South New Jersey, I lived down close to Delaware. Living in that area, we were surrounded by chemical plants like DuPont & Monsanto. We had, you know, a nuclear power plant, which was the best place to work because it was the cleanest and wasn’t full of chemicals. And we worked on a lot of toxic wells, that’s where we got our feet really wet in this business because of all the chemical dumping.

Even when underground gas tanks leak, they cause toxicity to the aquifers in the ground. And some of the wells would have over 20-30 different VOCs or volatile organic compound toxins in the water at over 100 times over the allowable limit. So, the state was picking up companies like our company to clean up this mess. And so we went in, and we bid on some of the projects and we got a lot of them.

We did over 1000 homes, we cleaned up some really bad stuff. And the health department would have to come in every quarter and test the water and if it failed, it was on our shoulders because it was our situation to maintain it. And we did a really good job. So that made me really understand how to deal with harsh toxins in the water. Because most of our competitors that do similar things that we do, they only focus on the basics. Like when you look at a Brita water pitcher or other things that are available today, they have very simple filtration mediums in them, just like just regular carbon and you have refrigerator filters are big now because everybody’s refrigerator has a cold-water dispenser and icemaker. And again, they’re really, really basic.

So what we did in our startup career is we wanted to make sure that we could filter out all the nasty things. I had a life-threatening condition 13-14 years ago, I had a-fib tachycardia and my heart was constantly fluttering and racing and I couldn’t understand why. The doctors just wanted to put me on Xanax and all kinds of tranquilizers to slow me down thinking I was just nervous. One day that I had an a-fib tachycardia that reached over 260/280 beats per minute, and I flatlined in the hospital. And they got me back. Thank God for doctors, they did get me back.

But the first thing they did was they put me on all kinds of medication. I was on six heart meds that were really, really taxing. In my PowerPoint presentation, I have a picture of me carrying this giant pill bottle on my back because that’s what it felt like. And the only reason I took my medicine everyday was because my condition reminded me to. And it wasn’t until shortly after I had this tragic event that I look back on now and realize it was meant to be because it made me go out and open my mind.

I had to take this third-generation plumber from New Jersey, clear my mind and start fresh and try to figure out a way to make myself better, and get off these meds because they were horrible. I didn’t know there were like-minded people. You know, when I met Dr. Tennant, he was one of the first people in this industry that I met that really understood me.

I developed pH Prescription because of my own medical issues– I desperately needed it. When I developed pH Prescription, I realized that things like molecular hydrogen would add electrons to water and this water could be an electron donor. I was typing in the words “healing” and “voltage” and all that kind of stuff. And guess who I find? I find Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™.

So, I reached out to him, and he came to Florida to see me. He liked what we were doing with pH Prescriptions. At the time it didn’t even exist yet, there was no name for it. We had our company (back then was No Brainer, LLC), because we figured everything we did was a no brainer. So, we were doing fun things and pH Prescription just happened to be doing business as No Brainer LLC. And it turned into something that just kind of took over our world.

I was feeling better, I was sharing this technology with everybody I know helping them feel better. And that’s what really happened. And thank you, Dr. Tennant, for listening and paying attention and understanding and recognizing what we did. I feel that my whole life I’ve been training to do this exact job. And this exact job was to make not only clean water, but to make healthy water. And there’s a difference between the two. And you need both!

Emmy Grimes 

I love that that’s such an amazing story. And very similar to Dr. Tennant’s own journey, it just paved the way of healing and forced you to find new ways. So, thank you for your determination and being here today to share this wonderful wisdom. I did want to ask, why would I or anyone out there buy pH systems over other water systems?

Leo Syzmborski 

I’m glad you asked that, that’s a good question. Our units are custom built to our clients’ needs. It’s not a one size fits all. And a lot of products today are, you know, you buy something I’ve worked on, I won’t say any names, but some of the top names in our industry. I’ve done their homes, and they carry their own water products. I went in there and I was just like, “Your water quality is awful.” “What? Oh, just fix it. Just fix it.” You know, everybody says, “Leo, prove it! Make it right!” So, I go in and I fix it. And I take out what was failing them.

Our systems are designed to remove more things. I mean, we focus on dealing with all these toxic wells, we know how to go after the hard-to-get-out things, like 90% of all water filtration products won’t remove chloramine, and chloramine is chlorine byproduct just like chlorine… it’s a disinfectant. So, we focused on, okay, well this one media removes it. But here’s the problem with this media: it’s so dirty when you get it that it messes up everything, you have to pre-rinse it and clean it before you put it in.

Nobody wants to do the extra work because the other media comes already clean, and removes chloramine with ease once you got it, but it costs four times as much as the other medias. So, we said, okay, listen, we’re going to do it right. When we go after things like heavy metals and fluorides, we get things that are really hard to get out.

Emmy Grimes 

That’s good to hear. What contaminants does your systems remove? And will it remove fluoride? I think that’s a big question we get often.

Leo Syzmborski 

And that was the first question Dr. Tennant asked me. I have a fluoride meter here that does a spectral analysis, and it runs a frequency to the water detect the spike of fluoride. And I showed him that I could remove it. And he says, “Oh my god really? Because most of them say they can, but when you read the fine print, even to be NSF certified, or water quality gold seal certified, you only have to remove 51% of the toxin, you have to be halfway there+, that’s it.” So, 51%, you can get a certification that you reduce this toxin, and we’re removing like 97% and our whole house and removing 99% 99.99 in the drinking system.

So, fluoride is a sticky one, because fluoride is an aluminum waste product. Now if you look on your water, your water bill or from your municipality, it has all the different things that could be in the water that they test for, fluoride is one of them. And they’ll tell you how many parts per million or parts per billion fluoride is in your water. And then it also says “for strong healthy teeth” right after that. And then it says fertilizer and aluminum waste products.

The back of a tube of toothpaste that has fluoride in it says, “Not for the use of kids under the age of six”. And if ingested, contact Poison Control immediately. It’s like the disclaimer on a pack of cigarettes! You know, the Surgeon General says this could cause cancer. Well, fluoride is toxic. And it wasn’t until I knew fluoride was bad, when I met some really good dentists that work with our group like Dr. Evans and William Beaber and all those guys, they really explained to me about how bad fluoride is, and how toxic it is, and it really has hardly any beneficial properties at all.

We though oh, we’ve got to get that out. And then I always do one thing that most companies don’t do, I talk about molecular weights. What’s the molecular weight of this toxin? And what does that mean? And they’re anything under a mole weight of 150 mole will pass into through your skin into your bloodstream. So, the molecular weight of chlorine is 35.4. The molecules of fluoride are anywhere between 19 and 40, depending on what source it is. All these other volatile organic compounds fall in 40 and below, so they’re all making their way to your bloodstream.

That was a big ‘no no”, we have to get that out. Because we know that taking a 10-minute shower, hot showers open up your pores, your body sucks in these volatile organic compounds, it’s equivalent to drinking eight glasses of tap water chemically, you’re not taking in a glass of water, but you’re absorbing the chemicals that would be in eight glasses of water.

So, most people think if they buy bottled water, they have their bases covered right, they’re drinking good water. Well, there’s problems with that water too. But no, it’s not. It’s wrong. Because the trans-dermally they must make sure that they’re bathing in a good quality water and drinking good quality water too.

Emmy Grimes 

100%, good to hear. So, what is the difference between clean water and healthy water? And can I get voltage from the water?

Leo Syzmborski 

Good question. Clean Water is what we were doing up North when I first got started, it was getting the bad guys out, right? But the problem when you overclean water, and now we were trained in the water quality Association and the NSF that the cleaner the better, right. So, me being the person I am, you know, if you know my A-type personality, I can make it pure, not only clean, but pure. And it would be way too expensive, people wouldn’t be able to put this type of equipment in their home.

At the time, I was doing kidney dialysis machines for major hospitals. When their machines got to a certain age, we’d have to replace them with new equipment, it was their protocol. I would take the old equipment out and rebuild it and I then put it in my whole house. So, I have my whole house running off of a machine that ultra purifies the water into the mega ohm quality, I mean way more pure than distilled, it would make distilled look dirty. I was drinking this water.

One of the reasons I had a-fib tachycardia is because I de-mineralized myself to the point that I wasn’t receiving good voltage anymore. I had no magnesium, nothing left in the body. And thank God for my kids and my wife that they were drinking juices and other things. I was just drinking a gallon a half of my water a day. And it caused me to have problems. There’s an old Indian proverb saying that says, “Water which is too pure has no fish, because it’s dead”. Water needs energy and voltage like you were just talking about.

So, for our drinking water, the first thing that we figured out was that we could work with these different minerals like magnesium and tourmaline and things that water would pass through. And we didn’t understand that it was gassing off and making hydrogen at first, we knew that it was putting off “ORP”, oxidation reduction potential, and I can measure that with a meter very easily. So, the hydrogen is the cause of it. And hydrogen acts as an antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals by donating electrons.

Donating all those electrons is amazing. And one glass of this water would be equivalent to juicing 10 to 40 pounds of vegetables in antioxidants. And depending on where they’re sourcing, that’s why I go from 10 to 40. Some of the brick value and vegetables aren’t so great in certain areas. So those antioxidants are amazing.

And you when you pour a glass of this water, you can see the little bubbles in it. If you can’t put a magnifying glass on it, you’ll see it and they’re dissolved into the water. And then when the water is poured into a glass and it comes to, it’s not under pressure anymore, it’s under the atmosphere of the room, so it starts slowly gassing out. So, this energetic water that gives you voltage only last once it comes into room temperature, it’s only going to last at max about 24 hours. And then hydrogen is going to gas off and be gone. The water still clean. It still has minerals in it, but the electrons will leave.

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