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Eagle Remedy Maker


Eagle Remedy Maker Package


The Eagle Remedy Maker offers a modern way to produce, copy and utilize homeopathic remedies rapidly and effectively. It is powerful enough for the seasoned practitioner, yet simple enough for a child to operate. 


The Remedy Maker only takes a few seconds for it to create a remedy from a source material, store it, and output it for use with humans and animals.  Its ease of use and versatility allow for various methods of signal application and a wide spectrum of uses.  

*2016 Eagle Remedy Maker and Multi-vial Charger

*Four Glass Vials filled with solution

*Printed Owners Manual

*Twin Ray LED and Infrared Light Pen Applicator

*Probe Cord Accessory

*White Power/Charging Adaptor with Cable

*Makes advanced homeopathic and isopathic remedies and antidotes

*Provides antidotal waveforms with rapid acupoint turn-around

*Provides homeopathies for corrective input to acupoints

*Provides multiple and high volume remedy production

*Provides momentary or continuous operation

*Provides both 9-volt Battery and 110-volt Power Wall Adapter

* Provides a clear working area with side jacks for accessories

*1-year Manufacturer's Warranty









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