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The Importance of Water & Voltage with Leo Szymborski

The following is taken from Leo Szymborski’s recent FB Live, which you can watch below!

So what exactly is the importance of water & voltage, and how can we improve our health via our water supply? There is a lot going on in the world right now, and I’ve personally been doing water filtration and purification for the last 33 years. [My company and I] have done everything from cleaning up toxic wells from chemical dumping to adjusting the mineral quality content of the water. About 15 years ago, halfway through my career, we started really picking up steam and cleaning up the tap water that’s already been processed by the municipalities that go directly to your home.

Our bodies are completely made up organically of matter, of microorganisms. But the main things they put in tap water (like chlorine and chloramine), their sole purpose is to kill living organisms. So people are running into all kinds of skin conditions, hair loss, acne, you name it, and a lot of times it relates back to the quality of their water.

What is alkaline water and why is it important for our bodies?

Alkaline water has definitely been gaining traction over the last 10 years. Alkaline water is water with a higher pH, which stands for potential hydrogen, so when you raise the pH of the water it means there is magnesium and tourmaline mixed together to make molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is one of the key drivers to good health, and because of these minerals and magnesium added, the pH goes up. Alkaline water is great because it can affect the bloodstream, which needs to maintain a 7.365 pH.

Dr. Tennant has written several papers showing how the body needs alkalinity and acid to be in balance, and most Western diets simply don’t lend itself to that. Getting proper pH from our water daily is a great way to keep our bodies in balance so that we don’t develop conditions such as gout and chronic pain (gout is caused by uric acid buildup in the feet). Also, alkaline water seems to reduce lactic acid build-up in our muscles, which speeds up healing and recovery. We offer several different water systems for your home at pH Prescription with alkaline water built right in.

How can water improve your voltage?

To put it simply, you can raise the voltage of water and make it into an electron donor. Here’s an example I came to know through a seminar I took a while back: green tea is an electron donor, putting out about -25 millivolts of energy. However, when you put it in water that has a positive charge of, say, about +100 millivolts, it nullifies the antioxidant properties of the green tea.

We later found out that we could “reduce” the water by adding electrons, and those negatively charged electrons go out and seek out free radicals and supercharge our ATP so that we can dispose of cytotoxins and such. The nice thing about creating this through molecular hydrogen is that the voltage is selective and only goes after cytotoxins, so it won’t go after a necessary oxidizer like nitric oxide.

Any microcurrent technology such as the BioModulator® has a hard time passing currents through the skin if you’re dehydrated since our cells are mostly made up of water. Just think– if we drank water with the right voltage/frequency with the proper amount of minerals for cellular absorption, we’d be much healthier! Personally, I was able to stop having chronic heart palpitations and afib once I increased my alkaline & mineral content via my water (which improved my cardiovascular electrical conductivity).

Tune in next week for more incredible information from Leo Szymborski about how viruses might affect our water supply and how pH Prescription Water Filters can help get you and your family on track for improved whole-body health & vitality! 

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