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Water Filtration & air purification

“I use the countertop filter at my office. Everyone likes the taste of the water better, in fact, everyone drinks more water.” – Edward T from Texas. on 10/27/2020″

Questions about toxins in your water? We asked Leo Szymborski from pH Prescriptions about what we can do to protect our water supply at home.

Leo Szymborski: We are currently adding ultraviolet light to our pH Prescription drinking systems. This ultraviolet light will protect you from dangerous pathogens or microbiological organisms that could be coming through the water.

It has a germicidal wavelength that disrupts the DNA of anything that’s alive in the water and destroys it before it even gets to you. This is very safe and the way to go if you’re worried about keeping your water safe during these turbulent times.

Something I want to tell people that live in buildings like apartment buildings and large skyrises, is there have been cases of people getting viruses from breathing the sewer gases from the traps in the bathroom or laundry rooms.

If they aren’t continuously used, these traps in your tubs or floor drain dry out and when you turn on the fan in the bathroom, it sucks those sewer gases right out of your tub and into the air, which you then breathe in. So I tell everybody to make sure they pour water in all their traps and if they’re going to go away for a while.

Another tip I have that I use while winterizing homes is to pour a little bit of cooking oil in each trap that’ll just cover the top of the water so it won’t evaporate. It’s not enough to clog the drain or cause any problems, but it protects your home from expelling sewer gases and keeps you safe.

Leo Szymborski: In my 33 years in the business, we’ve always tried to make the product better and found new pre-filtration techniques that are better than what we’ve used in the past.

We found new membranes that are better and more efficient at cleaning the water. Most drinking systems use reverse osmosis technology, and that’s their end resolve. As a pre-filtration system, that wastes 1-5 gallons of product, which upsets some people who are trying to conserve water.

Our systems now only waste 1 gallon of product tops, then after that process, we go into our mineralization process that creates molecular hydrogen at about 1 part per million, which is above therapeutic grade.

We also put magnesium into the water which most people are deficient in, and other minerals like calcium, potassium, and a touch of sea salt. By adding those minerals, you raise the water from 0 TDS to about 30-50 total TDS, which stands for total dissolved solids. These are important in aiding water in penetrating the cell.

If you just drink purified water, like reverse osmosis distilled or deionized, that water just washes off of cells like a freshly waxed car, but when you add trace minerals, it absorbs right in and hydrates it.

There are so many bad guys in the water today, one of them being fluoride. It’s one of the most toxic things in our tap water and very hard to remove. With our advanced pH filters, like our 1100 model, we can remove nearly all the fluoride.

The problem with these chemicals, even when you bathe in this water you’re absorbing 5-10x more chemicals through your skin in a 10-minute shower than the equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of tap water, so it’s not only important to filter the water you drink, but the water you bathe in.

Leo Szymborski: I didn’t realize this myself until about 13 years ago, but clean water is water that is free of toxins. You can buy clean water on a shelf, a lot of the bottled waters are done by reverse osmosis or distillation, you can just read the label. Healthy water is when you put the things back that nature originally intended, right, so alkaline pH because of the mineralization, and molecular hydrogen. When you use the right materials in healthy water, that hydrogen actually reacts in the body and does all these amazing things. It can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, it can reduce inflammation, reduces LDL cholesterol, and more. A lot of companies will give you clean water, and a lot of companies will just do healthy water, but very few put the two together like pH Prescription.

The problem with these chemicals, even when you bathe in this water you’re absorbing 5-10x more chemicals through your skin in a 10-minute shower than the equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of tap water, so it’s not only important to filter the water you drink, but the water you bathe in.

Leo Szymborski: Right now we have something that’s really scary going on, but I’ve been dealing with things like this since I got into the business. I was dealing with bacteria and wells, persistent spores in tap water that were chlorine resistant, and other things that were getting into homes. Right now with a lot of businesses being closed and a lot of companies not using water like they normally do, our water is going stagnant. When you get stagnant water, bad things grow in there like biofilm, algae, bacteria, and even viruses, so our municipalities are increasing the chlorination process.

You’ve probably seen something from your municipality saying that they’re raising the chlorine, but not to be concerned because “it’s not dangerous”, but they’re not saying the one thing that’s most important in your water quality report. When you open up your water quality report and you go through it, it sometimes has a disclaimer that says “If you have immunocompromised persons using this water, contact a professional” because the water may not be safe for you if your immune system is not up to par. I know a lot of people that don’t have a good immune system, and by saying that the water is safe with all these extra chemicals they’re adding to it is a farce. It should say instead that if you’re healthy, it’s safe, but if you have a compromised immune system, your issues could get worse.

Now, we haven’t proven that this new coronavirus can travel through water very well, it’s so new that we don’t have the research, but we do know that viruses have traveled through water before, we know bacteria have traveled through water too.

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