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Tennant BioModulator Devices & Packages

The Tennant BioModulator is an easy to use battery-powered, handheld medical device that uses micro-current technology to engage the body’s natural resources and assist in the process of pain management & rehabilitation.

The Tennant BioModulator Device Packages recommended by Dr. Tennant are FDA approved as micro-current devices for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable, post-surgical, and post-traumatic pain.

Tennant BioModulator and Tennant BioTransducer Devices

Tennant BioModulator Device Packages

More information about Senergy and Tennant BioModulator Device Therapy

Senergy Wellness uses innovative reaction-controlled electro-stimulator technology in our FDA-approved Tennant BioModulator PLUS and PRO devices. They contain unique frequency sets created by Dr. Jerry Tennant to produce micro-current electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention.

System feedback is the body’s response to the stimulus, and the technology’s ability to detect, measure, analyze, and respond to the body. With each response, the electrical properties of the tissue change. The device detects the change and responds, resulting in the very next signal being modified.

In other words, the BioModulators have the capability of delivering specific current “frequencies” to the cell(s) by first measuring what the specific tissue needs. That way, the unique individual needs of cells can be met, which reduces habituation significantly and extends pain-relief results.

When you do anything to the body consistently over time, it adapts, which is not what you want when attempting to treat pain. With the Tennant BioModulator, not only will you experience longer-lasting (and more effective) pain relief immediately, but over time as well.

*Benefits include:

  • Gentle
  • Easy to use
  • Drug-free and non-invasive therapy
  • Positive effects may appear after the first session
  • May be used together with a standard drug or surgical treatment (adjunctive therapy)
  • Helps decrease the use of large doses of drugs
  • Can help several conditions at the same time

To learn more about our revolutionary Tennant BioModulator, check out this blog post. Explore this page for more information on how Senergy can help kickstart your healing journey, and click here to purchase your very own Tennant BioModulator device. You may also email us at or call 972-580-0545.

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