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Cultivate Full Body Wellness

We are made of energy

It is all around us, permeates us, and is the basis of life. When our energy is out of alignment, so is our health. The systems of the body and brain are inextricably linked and depend on each other for optimal health and wellness.

sEnergy between our minds and bodies is the ultimate goal for long-lasting health and vitality.

“Holistic health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. It encourages individuals to recognize the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. The individual is an active participant in their health decisions and healing processes, including wellness-oriented lifestyle choices. Holistic approaches to health are derived from ancient healing traditions that help to achieve higher levels of wellness and prevent disease. These approaches include use of traditional medical systems, mind-body-spirit interventions, manipulative and body-based approaches, biological based therapies and energy therapies.”

get well. be well. live well.

In order to be properly present in your life and the choices you are making, you must be functioning optimally. To help you on your journey, the Tennant BioModulator® has several benefits in addition to pain relief. By stabilizing your nervous system, it can help bring you back to the present and feel more alive (through science).


Aligning all your many intricate internal systems is key to wellness and vitality. The BioModulator® + BioTransducer® helps reset your body's polarity to achieve just that.


When balancing your autonomic nervous system and taking it out of fight or flight mode, you may experience more focus an clarity.


With the microcurrent technology of the BioModulator®, you can heal your body directly at the source (and speed up recovery as a result).


By adding voltage into your cells, you give them the tools they need to function optimally and in turn experience more energy.


Use the BioModulator® + Y-Electrode to balance your vagus nerve daily, resulting in increased feelings of relaxation and better sleep!

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing you are giving your body everything it needs to make new, healthy cells that heal.

Integrate the Tennant BioModulator® into your daily meditation practice

Dr. Tennant’s Daily Protocol involves 5 steps with the BioModulator® and BioTransducer® to align and prepare the body to receive voltage by balancing the autonomic nervous system along the vagus nerve, resetting your polarity and activating your internal organs.

It is best to do these steps in a meditative state to receive full benefits. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes, and breathe through the steps. This will put your body in the right state to receive voltage.

5 Reasons Why The Tennant Daily Protocol Helps Heal The Body

Listen to what Dr. Amy Marshall from the Tennant Institute has to say about the importance of meditation!

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