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Studies on Dr. Tennant's Work

  • Baylor Study

  • Accelerate Wound Study

  • Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing Study

Baylor Talal Plantar Estim during dialysis to improve gait balance

Using plantar electrical stimulation during routine dialysis process to improve gait and balance in people with diabetes undergoing hemodialysis

Welcome from Karla!

Karla Bass is a Senergy Specialist associated with SCNM who would be happy to assist you with any questions you have about the devices and Dr. Tennant's practices. Please set an appointment with Karla to get some assistance! 

Karla Bass

Learn more about Karla...

Rev. Karla Bass one of the Vice Presidents of Senergy Medical Group and has worked with Senergy and Dr. Jerry Tennant, creator of the Tennant Biomodulator, since 2002. She teaches Tennant Biomodulator Protocol to doctors, medical students, practitioners, and clients. Karla is also involved in product research and development, video production, business development and outreach to the community through organizations.      

She has been an Adjunct Consultant at SCNM with the Biomodulator for eight years. She is an Inner Faith Peace Minister with the Beloved Community and has taught meditation classes and workshops for 25 years.

Since childhood Karla has had extra sensory perceptions which are most aligned to what we now know of as Medical Intuition. Over the years, she has learned to couple her organic abilities with alternative medical technologies including electromedicine with the Tennant Biomodulator and Bio Transducer. She has now been doing private sessions for over 30 years. She sees the origin point of toxicity in the body. In her work, she has seen how the core of medical conditions stem from emotional blockages.

We have a big piece of the puzzle for health, with the remarkable healing tools Senergy Medical Group and Dr Jerry Tennant offer. We have the great gift of sharing this with humanity.

We have compiled some further information for you below. Please review and reach out with questions. ⬇️

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