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Recovery Champion

As a Recovery Champion, we suggest one of our gem packages that includes our BioModulator, BioTransducer attachment, and the complete set of accessories needed to complete the Full Daily Protocol for regenerating your health. 

If you are struggling with a chronic illness or recovering from a major health crisis, it’s important to do our full protocol every day so you can help give your body the tools that it needs to build new and healthy cells.

The combination of these powerful devices and accessories will reset your body’s polarity and help encourage cellular regeneration. Want to learn more? Explore below.

The Tennant Gem Packages

Do you have persistent aches, pains, fatigue, and inflammation that don’t seem to ever go away? 

The cells that make up your body and keep you alive are constantly wearing out and being replaced. So, what happens when you lose or damage cells faster than your body can make new ones?

Chronic disease. Inflammation. pain.

When we let pain and disease linger, our body can run out of resources to make enough new, healthy cells, causing our natural polarities to flip and prevent our bodies from recovering and regenerating.


The Tennant Gem Packages are designed to optimize your body’s natural resources with advanced microcurrent therapy so that your body has everything it needs to correct its polarity and make new, healthy cells… without medication.

How does it work?

Our Tennant BioModulator devices contain unique frequencies that stimulate the body at the cellular level through gentle microcurrents, restoring metabolic cellular activity to the area. This creates a reduction of pain and inflammation and encourages cellular regeneration.

The Tennant BioModulator is also able to measure and analyze the body’s response to the frequencies and modify the outgoing signals accordingly, preventing the body from growing accustomed to the therapy.

Provide your body with the tools it needs, and it will do the rest.

We use the BioTransducer to correct flipped polarities in the body so your “muscle battery packs” can store and utilize voltage (energy) more efficiently to create new, healthy cells!

What is the BioTransducer?

The Tennant BioTransducer is one of the main handheld accessories for the Tennant BioModulator. 

The BioTransducer emits electromagnetic pulses and carries frequencies from the Tennant BioModulator through a Lumens light to deliver a no-touch treatment through clothing. This magnifies the BioModulator frequencies and transmits them to the body for faster healing.

Note: The Crystal Wave must be attached to the BioModulator to function. The Pro will only emit Scalar energy if not connected to the BioModulator. Once connected to one of our BioModulator microcurrent devices, those frequencies will be delivered to the body via a scalar carrier wave.

Choosing the Right Gem Package for you

We offer various options so you can choose the gem package perfectly suited to your individual needs!

Each of our packages will give you everything you need to correct your polarities, reset your autonomic nervous system, and deliver microcurrent therapy to specific points of the body for pain relief treatment. They also include all the necessary accessories to regenerate your body’s cells both at home and on the go and complete our health protocols.

BioModulator Plus

Our classic entry-level BioModulator, complete with 4 pre-programmed modes and 2 different frequency sets (Ten-8 and Infinity). Simple, easy to use, and a great way to get started with Tennant Technology!

BioModulator PRO

Our Professional-level BioModulator contains over 60+ modes and frequency sets for countless treatment options. With an LCD screen that can give precise voltage readings and the ability to program your own modes, this model is great for practitioners or people looking to take their health protocols to the next level.

BioTransducer Crystal Wave

The BioTransducer Crystal Wave attachment emits electromagnetic pulses from the BioModulator to deliver a no-touch treatment through clothing, delivering voltage and frequency deep into the body. Simple, easy to use, and a must-have accessory to your BioModulator!

The Sapphire Package

  • Tennant BioModulator Plus Device, with 4 pre-programmed modes and 2 microcurrent frequency sets
  • BioTransducer Crystal Wave attachment to correct your polarities, deepen your therapy, and get your health back on track
  • Large Body Y-Electrode & Hand Grip/Foot Plate electrode attachments for nervous system resetting, targeted pain treatment, and cellular recharging

The Emerald Package

  • Tennant BioModulator® PRO Device, with over 60+ unique pre-programmed microcurrent frequency modes & endless customizability
  • BioTransducer® Crystal Wave attachment to correct your polarities, deepen your therapy, and get your health back on track
  • Large Body Y-Electrode & Hand Grip/Foot Plate electrode attachments for nervous system resetting, targeted pain treatment, and cellular recharging

What is included in each bundle?

A Tennant BioModulator Plus or Pro Microcurrent Device

  • 1 QuickStart Manual Reference Guide
  • 1 Polarity Reference Card

A BioTransducer Crystal Wave Attachment

  • 4PIN Connection Wire
  • USB-C Charger (if purchasing the Pro)

3″ Round Conductive Electrode Pads

  • 2/2 4PIN Lead Wire

Multiple Carry Cases for Optimal Storage

  • Large Carry Case
  • Small Carry Case

Lifetime Education/Support (valued at $2,499) as long as you own your device*

  • 24/7 Access to Education Portal
  • Tennant Health Conference Tickets (1 per device) online or in-person
  • 1 on 1 support on video or in person
  • Live Chat Support Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm
  • Q&A Zoom Meetings for Device Owners Only

*These educational materials are included with every purchase of a Tennant Device to ensure you can confidently operate your equipment and optimize your overall health and wellness.

Are you a health practitioner?

If you are a health practitioner and are looking for a complete package of Tennant Devices & accessories to incorporate into your practice or clinic, we offer specialized packages for professionals, please contact us to learn more.

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