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We are excited to introduce you to the Tennant Health System

About Senergy

We merge holistic wellness practices with new and proven scientific, microcurrent technologies. Whether you are suffering from pain, insomnia, excessive stress, chronic illness, or another health crisis, we are devoted to helping you figure out why you are ill and helping you live your life to the fullest. Our patented, FDA-accepted, portable devices help you feel your best and live pain-free without the use of medication. As a result, our clients end up individually hacking their health and living the life they’ve always wanted.

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Discover Our Products

The BioModulator® uses technology designed to stimulate the body’s natural release of nitric oxide, endorphins, and neuropeptides into the bloodstream, and increases ATP in the cells. The BioModulator® works by giving the cells the energy they are lacking. When the cells are restored to their optimal level of energy the body can heal itself by creating new and healthy cells. This ensures that you Get Well. Be Well. Live Well™.


Tamara Bagwell, N.D. has been working with Dr. Tennant’s devices and protocols for over 15 years. She herself has explored the world of Naturopathy and she has counseled thousands of patients with illness and injuries and helped them recover in a more holistic way than traditional Western medicine. She has also personally recovered from Lupus, Lyme’s Disease, and Hashimoto’s Disease following Dr. Tennant’s protocols and using his devices and supplements. As she explains, “ Helping people learn how to use Dr. Tennant’s devices and overcome their health challenges is my passion. I know what it feels like to be sick and I want to help empower you to take charge of your health.”

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"For years my personal story has been riddled with some health challenges. The most recent is pain in my feet and legs. We had purchased a BioModulator® along with some supplements. Within the first session my feet and leg pain went away. Every team member has been great to work with. The Tennant products are the gold standard. We appreciate the Tennant team. Thank you!"
- Zack Penn
“I have been using the Tennant BioModulator® technology with my patients for more than four years. In my opinion, it is often the better and most cost-effective prescription treatment available.”
- Anne May MD, Tulsa Oklahoma
"I have used the Tennant BioModulator® for every kind of football injury; back pain, shoulder pain, etc. with excellent results. Sometimes in only one session, the pain would go away and I will be “game ready”. One time I had a serious shoulder injury that had been painful for three weeks, with the pain level as high as an 8 on a scale of 1-10, after two treatments the pain was completely gone. That was amazing. The BioModulator® is the best tool to get rid of pain that I have experienced.”
- Kelvin Beachum, Offensive Tackle New York Jets

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