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treat the source

Has general or chronic pain dulled your life? Pain is nearly impossible to ignore and affects every part of our lives. Western society mainly addresses pain at the symptom, not the source, so relief is often temporary and the pain often returns.

“Chronic disease occurs when your body loses the ability to make new cells that work.”

get well.
be well.
live well.

Here at Senergy, we treat the source of the problem and provide a solution that is both drug-free and effective.

Pain Relief

The Tennant BioModulator® is a battery-powered, easy-to-use, hand-held medical device for pain relief that uses microcurrent technology to engage the body’s natural resources and assist in the process of pain management & rehabilitation.

Reduce Inflammation

Additionally, the Tennant BioModulator® stimulates the body at the cellular level, restoring cellular metabolic activity in the area of treatment. This creates a reduction of pain and inflammation, because of the increased transport of nutrients into the cells and waste out of the cells.

Manage Pain Without Medication

Treat your pain as often as you'd like without the risk of developing a dependency on medication.


By adding voltage into your cells, you give them the tools they need to function optimally and in turn experience more energy.


The therapeutic effects of this therapy also may include relaxation and mental wellbeing as your aches and pains begin to disappear!

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing you are giving your body everything it needs to make new, healthy cells that heal.

We are constantly wearing ourselves out and having to make new cells.

While different studies give slight variation in exact cell turnover time, the fact remains the same: your body works around the clock to make new cells and keep itself running properly. 

With so many variables like toxins, stress, and burnout affecting our health and wellbeing these days, sometimes our bodies need a bit of help getting back on track. 

In addition to addressing the root cause of low voltage, delivering additional cellular energy where you need it most is a great way to effectively and holistically heal yourself from the comfort of your own home.


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