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Addressing Toxins with Chase Faldmo, DC

Toxins are foreign substances that come into the body and destroy cells faster than you can make new ones. Addressing toxins is a critical piece …

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Emotional Frequencies with Dr. Amy Marshall

On one of our earlier blogs, we wrote about how emotions affect the body, and how Dr. Amy Marshall from the Tennant Institute conducts emotional …

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How To Keep Your Gut Healthy This Summer

Summer is here! We hope you have a chance to get outside with your family, grill up something tasty, and maybe even venture to a …

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Protecting Your Water with pH Prescription

The following is taken from Dr. Leo Szymborski’s recent FB Live, which you can watch below! In last week’s blog, we talked to Leo Szymborski …

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The Importance of Water & Voltage with Leo Szymborski

The following is taken from Leo Szymborski’s recent FB Live, which you can watch below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOSxQ8W3PNE&t=419s So what exactly is the importance of water & …

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Cranial Nerve Sequencing with Chase Faldmo, DC

The following blog post is taken from a recent Facebook Live with Chase Faldmo, DC. https://youtu.be/x1sYqIEnySE What are the cranial nerves, and what do they …

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