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Common Nutrition & Supplement Myths (Part 3)

Catch up on myths #1-4 with our PART 1 and PART 2 blogs! Supplement Myths #5: I Can Trust The “FDA” and “GMP” Certifications on …

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Common Nutrition & Supplement Myths (Part 2)

Read about myth #1-2 in our PART 1 blog! Supplement Myths #3: My Doctor Knows What’s Best About My Nutrition/Diet Do you know how many …

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Common Nutrition & Supplement Myths (Part 1)

Common Nutrition & Supplement Myths… busted!   Supplement Myths #1: All Vitamins and Supplements Are Of The Same Quality Whether it’s GNC, Walgreens, Amazon, or …

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Senergy Stories

Senergy Stories: Real Testimonials From Our Amazing Clients!    A few months ago, we asked our amazing clients to share their Senergy Stories with us …

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Addressing Toxins with Chase Faldmo, DC

Toxins are foreign substances that come into the body and destroy cells faster than you can make new ones. Addressing toxins is a critical piece …

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Emotional Frequencies with Dr. Amy Marshall

On one of our earlier blogs, we wrote about how emotions affect the body, and how Dr. Amy Marshall from the Tennant Institute conducts emotional …

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