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What is Telemedicine?

telemedicinethe practice of medicine when the doctor and patient are widely separated using two-way voice and visual communication (as by satellite or computer)


How does telemedicine work?

Typically, you’ll book an appointment either for over the phone or video chat, but before that visit occurs, you’ll be expected to fill out your medical history and previous lab work results so that when you get in contact with your physician, you can go over symptoms that are occurring & relevant history together. Then, the physician can treat the issue with prescriptions made over the phone at the pharmacy of your choice.

Due to the recent crisis surrounding COVID-19, telemedicine is becoming more necessary than ever to prevent the spread of disease and allow people who can’t leave their homes access to the care they need.

What is the Tennant Institute’s Process?

Before the virtual visit, the patient is expected to fill out a history form. This will include current complaints and previous medical/surgical history. A complete list of dental work and scars is also something that the Tennant Institute looks at when evaluating a patient. Lab work should be provided before the visit, and a detailed thyroid test is helpful to have on hand. This way, the doctors at the Tennant Institute can review the charts before the appointment begins and immediately begin discussing it more in detail on the call.

Keeping the 5 Factors of Low Voltage in mind (low thyroid, dental infections, scars, toxins & emotions, watch our video here), the doctors at the Tennant Institute evaluate the patient’s history and identify where the issues are in the individual. Then, specific recommendations are made to jump-start the healing process. 

Currently, the Tennant Institute is offering a Full Voltage Consultation to investigate how you can increase your voltage, support healing processes, and help to protect your body from viral and bacterial infections.

Here’s what your Full Voltage Consultation will include…

  1. A 30-minute telephone or video consultation with Dr. Tennant or Dr. Smithson as they review your medical, dental, and lab history. 
  2. A full toxin review and custom homeopathic remedy from Chase Faldmo, DC who specializes in toxins. 
  3. A 45-minute Tennant Scalar Emotional Tuning session. Often, stored emotions in the body play a significant role in draining your voltage, so this is a great way to ensure your cells have the energy they need to stay healthy.
  4. You will also receive a cranial nerve examination and sequencing to improve oxygen levels, breathing, and posture. 
  5. Included is a recommended protocol for choosing the right supplements to support your body’s healing abilities!

Watch Dr. Smithson discuss Telemedicine on our YouTube Channel.

Contact the Tennant Institute at 972-580-1156, or email to book your Full Voltage Consultation today!

For all other questions, or to purchase a Tennant BioModulator® package, please contact Senergy at 972-580-0545 or email us at

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