What is scalar energy?

What is Scalar Energy? It’s quite an amazing topic that has been around since the beginning of recorded history. Therefore, it has many different names depending on the culture and the time period. Since Scalar Energy is invisible, we haven’t had a great way to measure it, so it has been considered somewhat mystical until recently.

Introducing Dr. Tennant’s new book in the Healing is Voltage™ Series.

Emmy Grimes 

Hello everyone, welcome! We are live on our Facebook Live Stream bringing you another wonderful segment with the amazing one and only Dr. Jerry Tennant. We are going to be sharing an amazing topic, Dr. Tennant’s latest book, about scalar energy. So, I’m going to just jump in and ask what is scalar energy? I think that’s the big question everyone wants to know.

Dr. Tennant 

That’s a great question with not a very short and easy answer. I guess the easiest way to start with it is to say that the concept of scalar energy, the knowledge of it, or the awareness that it exists, has been around since the beginning of recorded history. And thus, it has many different names depending on the culture, the time, etc. But because it’s invisible, and we haven’t had much of a way to measure it, it’s been sort of categorized as one of those mystical things until recent times.

So what I’d really like to do is just kind of give you a timeline of how I got to the point of writing this book. So when I was sick, I began to read books about cellular biology with the idea that if I could figure out how to make one cell work, I could make them all work. And then that’s how I could get well. And so as I began to read those books, it became obvious to me that one of the common themes about all of the different kinds of medicine, whether it’s traditional medicine, chiropractic, herbal medicine, etc., etc., a common theme, and that was that they had to have voltage cells to work.

And that started me down this path of voltage and trying to figure out what indeed was the voltage in the body? How did it work? How did it cause us to become ill, etc.? Well, one of the things, of course, that I began to look at was acupuncture, because acupuncture has been around for over 3000 years, and obviously, something that lasts that long has some merit to it.

As I began to read acupuncture, I began to be quite confused, because the terminology is quite unusual. And it just didn’t make much sense to me. I just couldn’t get my mind around it, until I ran across a book called the Web That Has No Weaver. That book was written by an American acupuncturist, who was trying to describe acupuncture to people with a Western mind like mine.

So I copied the first chapter of his book, and then I put it in my word processor. And I went back in and every place that it says something about resistance or about a decrease in the flow of energy, I put the word resistance, everything, we’re talking about storing energy, I put the word capacitor or battery. So as I went through these various acupuncture specific terms, and replace them with electronic terms, all of a sudden, now when I read the chapter, it made perfect sense. And so that was the beginning for me.

Emmy Grimes 

Thank you for explaining that. I know it’s such a difficult & intricate topic, and I love the way you talk about things, you make topics so much easier to understand. What was the first experience with scalar energy that you would share with us?

Dr. Tennant 

Well, I really must keep walking down the same path because I was using scalar energy but didn’t have any idea that I was. So I began to try to understand the body’s electronics, using standard electromagnetic concepts. And of course, everybody knows about electromagnetic energy, and you know, electricity, and radio waves and all that kind of stuff.

And certainly now with all of our electronics, our cell phones, and so forth, people understand that. So I began to go down that road. And as I began to eventually began to understand that the body had acupuncture meridians, which were really just battery packs, and our muscles, our storage of electrons and stacked on top of each other, in a specific order to form a battery pack, that every organ had its own battery pack, it began to be more and more understandable to me about what has seen when I would try to get myself or other people well.

But then, somewhere along the way, I began to run across the news of things like lasers, and things about other types of light forms of energy. But it was hard to understand exactly how those fit in with everything else. And, of course, there’s a lot of stuff in electronics that I simply don’t understand.

But one of the things that was paramount for me is when I ran across the work of a Koski, who was a friend of Tesla’s, and he started talking about the fact that the organs in our body were hooked together, as Tesla resonating circuits, while the Tesla is in the circuit is simply a capacitor connected to a coil.

So a capacitor is basically like a battery. And a coil is like resistance. And they’re wired together. And that forms the basis of all electronics. I also read on Koski, his work that half of our organs in our body are solid, and half of our organs are hollow. The body is basically a battery-powered electronic circuit board. Once we began to understand sort of that, we began to move things a bit farther forward.

And I began to look at what’s called subtle energies with Dr. Max Cummings over in South Carolina. And we began to work together. He had developed the device of using a laser and plugging frequencies to it, in order to change things in the body, and it was doing some amazing things. So we go together for a number of years, but we had a great deal of difficulty getting into his factory. So eventually, we were able to get one manufacturer that had some similarities to Max’s original device. And we call it the BioTransducer®.

So we began to use the BioTransducer® and see that it had amazing effects on the body, but I didn’t know exactly what it was doing or how it was doing. Because at that point in time, I didn’t understand scalar energy. Turns out, of course, Nexus devices are what my BioTransducer® is.

So what is scalar? Well, scalar exists, or that if it does, it was energy that moves horizontally, or doesn’t move at all. It is the stagnant, stationary someplace in space. As time goes on, we began to try to figure out how all of these things integrate. What’s the difference between electromagnetic and scalar? When does one work in the body when does the other one work in the body? And as I began to try to unravel this mystery in a way that my simple mind could understand it, I began to realize that there were a lot of problems with the way.

So for example, in physics, it’s each that there are these little particles called electrons that spin around in orbits, that those are negatively charged, and that the central part is a positively charged thing we call the proton. Well, one of the problems that exists with that is, why don’t those electrons run out of energy, and simply collapse it onto the positive proton?

Well, nobody had a good answer for that. And so somebody said, well, there must be some sort of dark energy out in the world out there in space. And so that became a part of what is taught in physics. Well, that’s kind of like, maybe we just came up with a word to describe something we don’t understand. And they have no real measurements or proof. And then there were other things like the Heisenberg principle, or Dr. Heisenberg, trying to figure out where an electron was in space at any given time. And he never could, could find it.

And so he said, “Well, every time I think about electron, it makes it move to a different space.” And so it became known and physics as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Well, that leaves a lot to be desired, as well, as a theory and the proof for it. And then we come to find out that they developed, of course, standard mathematics or electromagnetic things was, was done by Isaac Newton. And his formulas worked quite well for big things like planets when you tried to apply them to small things like atoms.

So people began to put together sophisticated mathematics to try to explain what they saw as smaller things. They call that quantum mechanics or quantum physics. One of the strange things about quantum mechanics is that you describe things with mathematical formulas, or with quantum, you can have two completely different answers. And both are considered correct. How can that be? Can I make any sense, and yet, that’s what’s being taught was being used.

And then the other thing that they do in quantum mechanics is if you do research and the experiment shows some result is slightly different than your theory, you throw out the results of the experiment, instead of changing the theory. And they call that well, it’s just a minimal saying, so it doesn’t matter. But then if you do an experiment, and the results are terrifically way off what your theory is, they still throw away the result of the experiment. And they call that renormalization.

Now, I’ve been hoping that my bank will do that. So that if I’m a little bit overdrawn, they just ignore it, really overdrawn, they’ll go ahead and still just ignore it. Because it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to pretend it doesn’t matter. And forget the rules of addition and subtraction. And we’ve lived our checking account, all these various funny, strange things that they have in physics, that doesn’t make any sense.

And so I began to try to consider, well, what was making sense. And one of the people that sort of guided me in this direction, was a guy who had was an engineer that worked for a helicopter company, and he became friends. And what Bob felt like was that an electron was simply some energy that was spinning in a circle. And it would spin clockwise and come to a solid point and concentrate the energy, or it’s been left from a small point and gotten bigger and bigger and bigger until it exploded and disappeared.

So Bob got me thinking along those lines. And what I began to eventually theorize, which I talked about, by the way, in this book, and this book is sort of the end result of going down this path is that I think Bob was right in that electron is a moving vortex of energy, that when it comes to the concentrated point, it concentrates in a black hole. And that there’s there is no such thing as a proton. And it’s simply a black hole where the energy is concentrated.

Well, this solves all the problems of before. Why doesn’t the energy collapse? Well, it does. It collapses in your black hole, but where is the electron? Well, it’s spinning, we’re getting smaller. That’s why it’s hard to figure out where at any given microsecond in time, how very rare is it and the black hole is concentrating the energy begins to make sense because we now have seen that energy does escape from black holes, comes out of the back of it.

So you can also see that if you take what I’ve just described as hydrogen, then if you take and put two of those together, where the black holes are actually overlapping each other, and go on the periodic table, and you began to realize that now we have a different way of understanding the physics of what was called quantum physics.

And if you put this together with the work that was done by Nasim Herrmann, who has shown that from the very largest substance that we can identify the very smallest substance, we can identify, if you look at things through these kinds of concepts, is a very straight line. And of course, anything mathematically that curves in a straight line has a relationship with one another, what that means is you can completely throw out quantum mechanics, and just use standard physics to make everything understandable.

So that’s kind of the road I went down to try to get to where I could understand what I was seen in the body. And I think the crowning achievement was the work of Konstantin Meyl, who’s a physicist in Germany, who has shown this scalar energy actually enclose into DNA. And thus, empires, its power supply, it then reads the genetic code, it communicates with other cells about the genetic instructions.

And when you make a new cell, it’s the scalar energy that goes and carries that newest, that instruction sheet, from the old cell to the new genes.

What I attempted to do with this book is to bring this way of thinking that I’ve tried to describe to you in the last few minutes, and only in passing detail, or to give a way of understanding what we can see in the body. Why chronic disease is always characterized by a loss of voltage, which causes the cells to malfunction.

And then we have to restore the polarity using scalar energy, we have to recharge the batteries. We have to understand that scalar is what carries information. And then all the information in the entire universe.

Emmy Grimes 

What do you want the reader to take away from your book?

Dr. Tennant 

In all of my books, I’ve tried to write in such a way that it would be pretty much acceptable to physicians in particular and other experts. And tried to call data and experiments, but tried to write it in such a way that grandma could understand it. Because it’s important, I think, for all of us to begin to understand how the universe works, because the more we can understand how it works, the better job we can do in living with it and living in it, and keeping ourselves healthy.

So, this has been the hardest book to write, using that guidance. Because, again, I’m trying to say things about atoms, that is different than what’s being taught in our colleges. I’m trying to say things about the universe, which is different than being a psychologist.

But then the last part of the book, when I talk about human physiology and health and disease, trying to understand that, that if you want to look for the root cause of why you have a chronic disease, you have to look at the human body through the eyes of physics. If you look at it only through the eyes of chemistry, you can make the body feel better and make some symptoms go away. But you can’t make the body work the way God designed it to work unless you understand the energies within it. Because after all, energy, what it’s all about, right?

People start getting sick, they say, “Oh, I’m tired, I get really sick”, they say, “Oh, I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome”, they get really sick, and so forth, and something begins to fail. It’s all about energy. And so what I’ve tried to do in, in my other books, about helping people understand how they can reverse chronic disease, by simply measuring the body’s find out which of their circuits have flipped their breakers and switched off, and realize that you can switch them back on but only with scalar energy, then you have to recharge and that you have to recharge them with electromagnetic energy.

And of course, that’s where the devices that we develop come in. So with our BioTransducer®, with scalar, you can correct the polarities and get the organs of the body where they’re ready to accept a charge, then you can use the electromagnetic central BioModulator® to recharge them. And then now that the body has power, it’s a matter of the body having the right materials to go make new cells and work to repair itself. And to get rid of the toxins that damaged cells.

And so that brings what on the surface appears to be at first a very complex, complicated situation filled with the mathematics that only people that are mathematicians can understand, and brings it down to a level where grandma can pick up her BioTransducer® and BioModulator® and check her circuits and then turn them back on, very much like if it’s she walks into a dark room, and she wants to turn the lights on, she’d go over and turn the switch on.

That’s what I’ve tried to accomplish over the last 25 years. And that’s what I tried to put together in this book in a way that hopefully anybody and everybody can understand it. I also understand there going to be many people who have their minds made up like about them. Well, this is the way I was taught in college, and I have a Ph.D. from an Ivy League school. So what they taught me is correct. And so I’m not going to listen to any of this stuff that says anything different.

Well, that’s their prerogative, and I’m fine with that. But what I hope to accomplish is that even those folks might take the time to read enough this book, when they go talk to their friends around the water cooler at the heart of the bar, and they that they have some new conversation piece that will actually make them begin to think particularly as it relates to human physiology, to think in a way that they haven’t been thinking before.

Because we see every day in the clinic, that this system of looking at the body through electronics, and physics, get to the root cause of why people have a chronic illness and gives us some methodology to reverse it when we can’t reverse it with traditional medications and surgery 100%.

Emmy Grimes 

I love it. And it’s made a world of difference in my own health journey. I encourage you out there to really dive into this because it’s a wonderful program and like Dr. Tennant said it’s a way to heal the body in an alternative way and do it in a way normal traditional medicine hasn’t taught us, but I think in the best way possible. So thank you, Dr. Tennant. I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

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