Introducing The Vasper Machine

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We’re excited to introduce the Vasper Machine, the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment that the Tennant Institute offers! We are really excited to dive into this topic and show you how therapy with this machine can help your overall health and wellbeing.

What is a Vasper Machine?

A Vasper machine is like a type of elliptical outfitted with compression wrappings that are filled with ice water. The purpose of these compression wrappings is similar to a blood pressure wrap filled with ice. Two are placed on your legs, two on your arms, and it essentially cuts off blood flow to your arms and legs, directing it into the torso and brain.

What does this process stimulate?

This machine helps with stimulating growth hormone, which is something we use as children when we’re growing, but as adults, we don’t produce nearly as much. This helps the pituitary gland release the growth hormone that’s available. This is the kind of thing athletes get in trouble for synthetically taking, but this machine essentially biohacks your body to produce it naturally on its own.

The Tennant Institute has specially customized this machine to fit Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™ protocols. Our handgrips & footplates are integrated with the machine so you are actually recharging your cells as you use it. It has two BioTransducers® set up in the back so the scalar energy penetrates your body while you complete the therapy.

Does this machine promote weight loss?

Since it is physical exercise and has multiple settings, it does promote a healthy body. However, the main purpose is to stimulate growth hormone production. Now if you think about what your growth hormone is doing, indirectly you will lose weight because it is helping your body recover and heal. Not only that, but it helps balance and promote other hormones as well, including things like testosterone which aids fat burning and muscle building. 

Who’s the best candidate for this equipment? 

Anyone can use the Vasper machine, Dr. Tennant uses it often! He really likes to use it himself, we put it on a setting called free bird, and essentially he can go as fast as he wants, it’s not about sprinting. You’re also sitting on an ice chair that cools your entire body which helps create lactic acid. By boosting your lactic acid, you’re actually helping your body release about 10% more hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what carries oxygen in the body, and this machine also provides supplemental oxygen. Anytime you’re working out, your body is requesting oxygen, so when we provide it your body can open up its oxygen receptors and boost voltage. 

How many times does a person need to do this therapy?

You can technically use it daily, in fact, Tony Robbins uses his daily, but we recommend coming into our office about 3 times in the first week to really get your pituitary gland going. From there, once a week maintenance is a great way to sustain the results. Anyone from athletes to the elderly can use this machine and reap the benefits. There are leg supports for people who have difficulty with range of motion in their legs, and you don’t necessarily need to work your legs very hard to do this therapy.

What happens after a Vasper machine session?

About 20 minutes after the Vasper machine session we lay you down on a cooling bed and cover you with a blanket, which is like icing your body after a workout. From a hormonal standpoint, a 20-minute workout on the Vasper machine is equivalent to 2 hours of working out (not from a caloric standpoint). 

The ice bed is beneficial because it reduces soreness and reduces the amount of voltage needed to recover. 

Are there any side effects?

In addition to our cooling bed, we also have modified it into a crystal bed so while you’re recovering, we turn on very specific frequencies (like a BioTransducer®) to target specific meridian points.

The benefits of adding BioTransducer® technology to the therapy & recovery portions are to boost voltage, correct polarity, and maximize our body’s ability to process oxygen.

This is a workout, so it’s natural and normal to feel a little sore and run down or fatigued. We essentially attribute that to a rush and depletion of hormones, there’s a lot happening so you might feel tired. Typically, you’ll notice the benefits maybe later that day or the day after as a rush of energy.

What is the cost per session?

There are two types of packages. The first one costs $90, which is just the use of the Vasper machine itself. The second package is $130, which includes the oxygen bag. Right now if you purchase three sessions, you get one free! 

What particular ailments does it help with specifically? 

Firstly, it’s engaging you in a physical activity, which is helping release things like endorphins, thyroid hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone. Growth hormone it’s kind of like your own version of a stem cell and your body is going to use it wherever it needs healing.

Having the proper hormones in your body allows it to heal, so it is really impactful. People that have used it have noticed their energy levels increase, better sleep, and clearer brain function.

How long does it take?

The setup of the Vasper machine takes about 5 minutes to get all the wraps on and the heart monitor attached, and the workout itself is about 20 minutes. After 9 minutes the pituitary gland kicks in since it’s a series of “sprints” with resting periods. The cooling process on the bed takes about 10-15 minutes, or until the patient feels chilly.

Can I purchase a Vasper machine?

We do not sell the machine, and since it costs anywhere from $45,000-$60,000, we recommend coming to our clinic to use it instead as it would be cheaper, plus we’ve customized it with Dr. Tennant’s BioTransducers® and handgrips & footplates which the original machine does not include.

Email or call us at 972-580-1156 to schedule an appointment!

Watch this testimonial from a cancer survivor who used oxygen therapy to stay in remission!

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