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Senergy Stories: Real Testimonials From Our Amazing Clients! 


A few months ago, we asked our amazing clients to share their Senergy Stories with us for Dr. Jerry Tennant’s 80th birthday (June 28th). We received so many amazing testimonials and stories from this community and we wanted to highlight a few right here on our blog. If you want to view the whole page of submitted Senergy Stories, visit this link.




“Dr. Tennant has taught me so much about how to stay well. I love his nutritional products, the quality of the ingredients, and the fact that there are no fillers added. He is an amazing doctor and I give him a lot of credit for the fact that I am almost 65 with no health problems and no aches and pains. Many thanks to Dr. Tennant and his wonderful staff and associated doctors.” – Mickey Turner



“I attended your January 2020 workshop after reading Healing Is Voltage™. I wanted to learn more about how the body works and your protocols. The information you and your colleges shared was priceless! Knowing that many of the people you work with are Christians was confirmation that I was with the right group. I purchased two sets of the Diamond BioModulator® system and most of your accessories and supplements to share with many of my family, friends, and clients that I knew would benefit from using your supplements and devices. I am excited to participate in your Educator group and look forward to attending an advanced workshop in the future. Happy 80th birthday!!! Thank you for all of the work you have done over the years.” – James Rieger




“It’s hard to define how Dr. Tennant’s health discoveries and training have changed my life because they are simply such a part of me and the way I think now. I guess I could say that he gave my life a jump-start, and the initial impetus was his incredible compassion. He has vastly expanded my understanding of frequencies and the connectedness of seemingly different arenas. I appreciate his pointing out the healing power of a caring human touch. The way he is always reaching forward to learn something new is very inspiring. I want to have that same gleam in my eye over new discoveries that Dr. Tennant has when I turn 80!” – Brenda Shebs




“My husband had horrible back pain from 3 herniated disc and he was driving past The Colleyville Pain Clinic in about 2004 and stopped to get rid of the pain after reading the sign out front. When he went in, he recognized Dr. Tennant from his days practicing Ophthalmology when he had seen him years earlier in about 1998 when he was considering getting surgery to correct his vision. He saw him and Dr. Tennant really helped his back pain. Then in 2005 our daughter, Jennifer was diagnosed with a juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma brain tumor. We called Dr. Tennant and he gracious counseled us through the process of resecting the tumor being the best option. His wise counsel and reassurance was and remains one of the kindest things anyone has ever done in my life.


And again in 2011, I tore my rotator cuff in three places as well as tore my bicep tendon and subscapular tendon. I was told by an Upper Extremity Orthopedic Surgeon that there was nothing he could do because of the extent of the injury. I had no use of my dominant arm and was in excruciating pain at a level of 10 and hadn’t slept in over a year. I was considering amputation of my arm. We bought a Tennant BioModulator® and attended the class to learn to use it to help the shoulder heal. It was there that we met one of Dr. Tennant’s (Dr. Richard Hull) who recommended that I see another colleague of theirs (Dr. Gerald Harris) who practices Regenerative Medicine in Fort Worth, TXU. It was there that I received Plasma Rich Platelets from my own blood and it totally repaired my shoulder. I gained a 100% range of motion and zero pain in about 3 months after my third treatment.


So Dr. Tennant is a Super Hero who has saved me and my family on numerous occasions! I love Dr. Tennant and his life’s work!” – Susan Werner




“When I first learned about Dr. Tennant, I was listening to his lectures on youtube, and he mentioned that people with chronic lower back pain sometimes have a chin scar and that treating the chin scar with Soreness Oil and the Transducer will reverse the back problem. I have chronic low back stiffness, since my teens, and a chin scar from childhood. So, I did his protocol, and the next morning, when I was standing, leaning a little forward, at the kitchen counter, I had this weird sensation: I was standing… Straight… and could turn and walk without having to unbend. My posture, my back, was straight. Nothing hurt. I made the connection w/ the Transducer + oil tx, which I had done mainly as a learning experience, not expecting anything like this. To this day, 1.5 yrs later, whether sitting, standing, getting up and down or sleeping, the back tension has not returned.


So, at age 59, all pain vanished, and I give thanks to Dr. Tennant in my thoughts often, as I still marvel when I can rise out of the chair, hop out of bed, stand with both feet together. I wish my mother was here, so I could tell her that when she would snap at me to stand with both feet together, that it wasn’t an attitude, that it was that fall way earlier in the bathtub.


Thank you, Dr. Tennant. You are a Godsend. Happy Birthday!” – Kim Stewart




“I am convinced that I have been able to sustain functional vision due to learning about and using Dr. Tennant’s protocol. I opted to purchase a BioModulator®/BioTransducer® and to follow his recommended daily protocol rather than participate in the extensive program that could reverse macular degeneration. I follow the regimen diligently. I can honestly and gratefully say that the quality of my life is greatly enhanced by sustaining my vision as he recommends. Thank you, Dr. Tennant and team. I am deeply thankful.” – Wanda Gail Campbell



“Dr. Tennant has opened the door for me to use energetic medicine to treat multiple problems. My wife’s knees have never been better. I also use the “bowling ball” treatment frequently. He is a true leader in the use of SCENAR technology.” – Charles Norwood




To read more Senergy Stories, visit our website here.


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