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Scalar Energy: The Essence of Life

scalar energy

Scalar Energy: The Essence of Life

Because it is invisible, the very existence of scalar energy has been controversial. Now, with the work of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, and others, we are beginning to understand that scalar energy is a primary control mechanism of the universe and all living things.

In this blog post, we dive into the concepts behind scalar energy and its profound impact on our well-being.

What is Scalar Energy?

Dr. Jerry Tennant builds on the work of physicist Haramein, who proposes that space is filled with cuboctahedrons – the only geometry in perfect equilibrium in all possible vectors. These cuboctahedrons, or scalar energy, are present throughout the universe. Scalar energy communicates with DNA, reads the genetic code, and transfers information to new cells, making it the essence of life itself.

The Types of Energy In The Universe

In the universe, there are three basic types of energy – implosion, explosion, and scalar. Implosion energy starts large, spins clockwise, and results in a concentration of energy like a tornado. On the other hand, explosion energy starts as a concentration and ends in an explosion. However, scalar energy is different. It is stationary energy, undetectable by our senses, and occurs when lightning strikes the Earth and bounces back upwards between the Earth and the ionosphere.

The Similarities of Scalar and Sound

One fascinating aspect of scalar energy is its fractal nature. The 64-tetrahedron structure is fractal, ranging from infinitely large to infinitely small. It grows in perfect octaves, maintaining harmonic balance. This fractal nature of scalar energy is parallel to the frequencies present in the universe. Sound, which is also scalar energy, encompasses various frequencies, supporting the notion that the entire universe is filled with scalar energy in different forms.

Scalar energy can be created by a tuning fork. As the tuning fork vibrates, it produces not only sound but also scalar energy. This discovery highlights the interconnectedness of sound and scalar energy.

The Role of Polarity

Our muscles play an important role in our overall health, serving as “battery packs” that store energy for cell production in each organ. Like a battery, when an organ’s energy supply drains to zero, its muscle battery pack can reverse its polarity, causing further issues by impairing our body’s ability to maintain and use voltage (energy). Dr. Tennant’s research demonstrates that scalar energy can correct this polarity imbalance, allowing us to recharge and hold onto voltage more effectively.

Harnessing Scalar Energy At Home

Is it possible to harness scalar energy? Dr. Jerry Tennant has developed the BioTransducer Pro, a revolutionary device that utilizes scalar energy to optimize our well-being by allowing us to correct the body’s natural polarity and amplify the microcurrent frequencies from the BioModulator. By directing scalar energy into the body through the BioTransducer Pro, we can restore balance and promote healing at a cellular level.

You can learn more about the BioTransducer here

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The Power of Scalar Energy

Emotions carry their own frequencies. When we experience powerful or overwhelming emotions, they can physically affect our health if they are left unprocessed. However, we can use scalar energy to tune these stuck frequencies back into harmony. By applying sound therapy from a tuning fork or using the BioTransducer in specific ways, we can restore balance and well-being to our body.


Scalar energy may not be visible to the naked eye, but its impact on our health is undeniable. 

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