Bundle 1

Dr. Tennant’s recommended Bundle 1 contains the Tennant BioModulator® Plus & BioTransducer® Pro, along with the Y-Electrode attachment, conductive pads, and carrying case.  This package is perfect for someone who is active, lives a busy life, and focused on preventing future illness.


Bundle 1

Dr. Tennant Recommended!

Cost: $7675 after $1666 discount

Bundle 1 includes:

  • Tennant BioModulator® Plus Device
  • Tennant BioTransducer® Pro Device includes 4P BT Wire (this includes $150 discount)
  • Y-Electrode with included 4pin Connection Wire and Wire Sleeve
  • One USB-C Charger
  • Large Black Carry Case
  • Small Carry Case for device protection
  • 3″ Round Conductive Pads
  • 4pin Connection 1/1 Lead Wire
  • 1 QuickStart Manual Reference Guide
  • 1 Polarity Reference Card
  • 2 Integrative Health Conference Course Tickets *Education Theory, not Education Application Course

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WARNING: Tennant BioModulator® devices are not intended for individuals with a pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices, or who may be pregnant. Please call Senergy at (972-580-0545) to speak with an Advisor for more information.


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Prices per item reflect the discount due to the items being part of a package.

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