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Train With Dr. Tennant Online!

With Senergy’s new online training, everyone can now access Dr. Tennant’s unlimited knowledge of the human body! Dr. Tennant’s 3-day Health Conference is now available on video in easy to watch segments! Learn at your convenience! Sign up for your 60-day (2 months) subscription today and watch as many times as you like, whenever you like!

Senergy Medical Group's goal is to help you Get Well, Be Well, Live Well. That’s why, when clients purchase the Biomodulator Plus or Pro, they receive an admission ticket to attend one of Dr. Tennant’s health conferences at their convenience. In addition, Biomodulator clients who want to refresh or learn new health breakthroughs often attend training more than once for a nominal fee. Some potential clients want to attend Dr. Tennant’s conference before purchasing the device.

Senergy tries to accommodate and educate everyone so they have the tools to be healthy. Unfortunately, many clients are not able attend at Conference due to various circumstances such as logistics, poor health or conflicting scheduling. That’s why an online subscription training is ideal!

Start your 60-day (2 months) subscription today and starting learning about the Tennant Biomodulator and Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage system in the comfort of your own home or office!

Three Easy Ways To Access The Complete Online Video Library

Receive Device Certificate (promo code) w/Purchase

One complimentary invitation to attend one of Dr. Tennant's Health Conferences either in person or online is included with all Biomodulator Purchases. Please contact Senergy’s office to receive a Complimentary Certificate (promo code) to access online training or make reservations to attend a live Health Conference. If you have already purchased a Biomodulator and have not attended a conference, you can still activate your Certificate/Promo Code. Please contact Senergy’s office for a Promo Code Activation to subscribe to 60-day (2-month) online training or to attend a live Health Conference.Online access pass & material resource fees apply.

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Alumni Training Discount Coupon (promo code) for
Returning Participants

If you have attended a Health Conference and would like refresh your training in person or online, please contact Senergy for a Discount Coupon/Promo Code to access online training for 60-day online (2-months) or make reservations to audit live training for only $250. Online access pass & material resource fees apply

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New Explorer Certificate (promo code) -Train Before You Buy

Want more information and training before you buy? Now you can subscribe to 60-day (2-month) online training before purchasing a Biomodulator for only $450. Online access & material resource fees apply. If you purchase the Biomodulator within 60 days (2-months), the cost of the online training is deducted from the cost of the Biomodulator. Contact Senergy to purchase you Train Before You Buy Certificate/ Promo Code or apply directly online.

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Train With Dr. Tennant Live!

Dr. Tennant is the leading authority on voltage healing (Healing is Voltage•) and the author of 5 books on Healing is Voltage•. For nearly two decades, Dr. Tennant has focused his practice on Energetic and integrative Medicine. His monthly Intergrative Health Conferences explain what it takes to make healthy cells and why chronic disease occurs. As a result, Dr. Tennant’s conferences are attended by people worldwide and are filled to capacity. All Biomodulator purchases come with a Complimentary Certificate(promo code) to attend the conference (a $450 value). Material Resource Fees Apply.

If you prefer to be trained by Dr. Tennant in a live setting rather online,click on the desired training month below to register online or call Senergy's office to register.

Or click here to view coming events.

For Questions or to Receive More Information, Contact Senergy at
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