There are five root causes that Dr. Tennant has identified that will drain your voltage (AKA your body's ability to heal itself). 

Learn what they are and how to address them: 

"When you have the voltage, all the things it takes to make a cell, and deal with the toxins that damage cells as fast as you make them, your body will begin to heal."

- Dr. Jerry Tennant

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Learn all about Dr. Tennant's products including the Tennant BioModulator®, which is FDA approved for pain relief, and his proprietary RESTORE powder which should be taken daily for all natural comprehensive cellular nutrition

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Prevent Future Illness

Did you know that your body is constantly wearing itself out? By definition, preventative healthcare deals with the prevention of illness. Preventative measures can be applied at all stages across the lifespan and along a disease spectrum, to prevent further decline over time.  

 Kelvin Beachum 

 Offensive Tackle

New York Jets

I have used the Tennant BioModulator® for every kind of football injury; back pain, shoulder pain etc with excellent results. Sometimes in only one session the pain would go away and I will be “game ready”. One time I had a serious shoulder injury that had been painful for three weeks, with the pain level as high as an 8 on a scale of 1-10, after two treatments the pain was completely gone. That was amazing. The BioModulator® is the best tool to get rid of pain that I have experienced.

Want to dive in deeper? 

The Tennant Integrative Health Conference (IHC) is a 2.5-day health and wellness conference is more than just an introduction to Dr. Tennant and his philosophies. It is a full immersion into a holistic, wellness-focused, lifestyle. This conference is packed with keynote speakers that discuss many different topics such as toxins, healthy water,  Dental connection to wellness, effects of low voltage in the body, what is needed to make a new cell, use of essential oils and more!

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