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Inspire Health Podcast: The Role of Cellular Voltage in Health and Disease with Dr. Jerry Tennant

If you have ever wondered what lies at the root of all diseases, tune in to this episode from the Inspire Health Podcast with Dr. Jason Loken!

Our very own Dr. Jerry Tennant, world-renowned physicianintegrative health practitioner, and the inventor of the Tennant BioModulator® explains the role cellular voltage plays in health and disease.

Listen to Dr. Tennant outlines the top 5 factors causing low voltage in the body and how this can dramatically affect your health and ability to heal.

Here are some of this episode’s highlights:

  • Discover the underlying factor of all illnesses
  • Discover how the body functions like a battery.
  • Learn the 5 major causes of low cellular voltage.
  • Gain insight into what is required to heal cells.
  • Learn the interconnections between fascial chains, acupuncture meridians, organ systems, emotions, and disease.
  • Understand how food allergies develop.
  • Some insights and suggestions for long-haul COV1D symptoms.
  • The underlying root to gluten sensitivity and how to eat home-baked bread again.
  • Discover a fantastic home remedy for food poisoning.
  • Discover an important nutritional deficiency to consider in the prevention of spontaneous abortions.
  • Learn why there is a spark of light that takes place when sperm and egg meet!
Dr. Tennant was so happy to be interviewed on this podcast, we hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we do.

Listen to the audio podcast here.

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to us through our website or by calling or texting us at

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Thank you and Be Well. 💙

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