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How To Have a Happy & Healthy Summer

The following was taken from a transcription of a recent Facebook Livestream. To watch the full interview, please click here or the video below!

Emmy Grimes

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us. I’m Emmy Grimes. I’m an Advisor here at Senergy Medical Group. And joining us today is Dr. Chase Faldmo, he is going to be talking about tips and tricks to keep you healthy this summer, excited to dive into this, and Chase, thank you for being here. Are you ready to dive in?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

Let’s do it Emmy.

Emmy Grimes

Let’s do it. Alright, well with summer here. You know, there’s a lot happening… where should we begin with our health?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

You know, summer is just a different time of year. All the principles always remain the same, you know, healing is voltage. We know for us to make new cells that work, we need not only the voltage, but we need the nutrients to be able to make new cells, and that way our body continues to heal and renew itself. It all just boils down to having good voltage & good nutrition.

Emmy Grimes

And giving the body the right tools! What would be your top tips that you would recommend that can help us stay healthy through the summer months?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

When I think about summer, especially here in Texas, I think about how damp it is. When it’s damp and hot and humid, what comes out is mosquitoes. You know mosquitoes are bad. Not only do they carry certain diseases, but what a lot of people don’t know is when a mosquito bites you, it basically puts its equivalent of a straw in you and it puts out this stuff that people can develop allergies to.

It’s quite common, this toxin that I test people for is this mosquito allergen. What that does is it softens your skin so they can suck your blood. So you know, not only is it a disease thing, it’s also a mosquitoes-carry-allergen thing, so it’s better to prevent mosquitoes from getting you in the first place.

There are a lot of mosquito repellents out there, but they’re synthetic and they’re actually highly toxic. So you want to avoid those the best you can. The best preventative measure I’ve seen for mosquitoes is essential oils. Essential oils are kind of like food though. We use the same essential oils every day you want to be able to rotate them and it’s better for your health anyway when you rotate the essential oils because you get different frequencies. Each essential oil runs at a different frequency. Some great essential oils that repel mosquitoes are peppermint essential oil, add cinnamon, lemon, Eucalyptus, tea tree oil, there are so many you can use.

I would suggest the other thing I think of in summertime, especially being so hot here in August, is swimming. Swimming pools obviously contain chlorine. And it’s not like you have to avoid the swimming pool. There are some things you can do so you don’t absorb so much. A little trick I have is if you shower with good filtered water, that actually hydrates your skin and acts like a protective barrier. That way when you go swimming, you don’t absorb so much chlorine.

So if you go and take a shower in filtered water before you swim, you won’t absorb so much and it’s not only the chlorine, there are other saline pools out there that are healthier than better than chlorine but some of these saline pools contain bromine and bromine can also be toxic to the body. Both chlorine and bromine will disrupt iodine which we know is vital for thyroid function. So by showering before, that filtered water is going to hydrate your skin and also drinking filtered water will still keep you hydrated from the inside.

The other thing about summer is, obviously it’s hot outside. And when it’s hot outside, what gets dangerous about getting in extreme temperatures is your fluctuation and body temperature. So you want to make sure your body can adapt to that heat. One thing I like to use as a trick is you can use the BioModulator® or Transducer, and you can run it on your face.

The reason why it’s beneficial running it on your face, is there’s two main parts of your body that really are good at regulating body temperature. One of them is something called your trigeminal nerve, your trigeminal nerve is known as cranial nerve five, and it helps your face receive sensation. So if you run the BioModulator® on your face with a Transducer, kind of in these areas, that’s going to help that trigeminal nerve be healthy, that way your body’s able to adapt to temperature changes better.

The other part is right kind of around our eyebrows here. This is a major what’s called hypothalamus point. Around the BioModulator® Transducer around here, hypothalamus, obviously regulate body temperature as well.

Speaking of going outside, it’s good to go outside still, even though it’s hot. The reason is we get vitamin D when we go outside. And even if you can’t get vitamin D going outside during the daytime, when you go outside at nighttime, you’re getting energy from the moon light as well. So regardless, if you can’t go outside during the day, if it’s too hot for you, just get outside for at least 20 minutes, whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you’re getting beneficial energy.

Emmy Grimes

Wow, these are great tips. And I love that, using essential oils for mosquito bites… I hate mosquitoes. They’re awful and very prevalent this time of year. How important is detoxing the body during the summer months, what does it do for us?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

When we talk about toxins, we know there are several categories of toxins: there are microbial toxins, there’s chemical toxins, metal toxins, you name it. These toxins will destroy a cell as fast as we make it. It’s important that we avoid toxins the best we can. If we do get exposure to them, we need to detox them from our body as soon as we can. That is one of the key ways of getting your voltage up.

What I found is these toxins can stay inside your cells and it can stick to them like magnets. When we do our detoxes, it’s good because we put in these remedy frequencies into the system. That way they can leave the cell and not stick to the cell anymore. When we do that, these toxins aren’t electron stealers anymore, that way your body can eliminate them.

Emmy Grimes

Good. Here’s kind of a loaded question, but can somebody do a detox and not have to do it again?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

This, this is going to vary case by case. Now, there’s some people out there who work in certain jobs or industries or maybe live in certain locations, or they’re constantly being exposed to toxins, or people like that. They’re going to need detoxes more frequently. People who had exposure to toxins far back in the past, they can still be in their systems, even days, months, years later. But you know, they’re no longer in that toxic environment. And they’re also doing all the right things to keep their voltage up.

When your voltage stays up, these toxins are less likely to stay in the body. So for people like that, where you’re not getting constant exposure to toxins, sometimes they just need a detox on one or every once in a while. But it depends on your situation. If you’re someone who constantly gets exposed to certain toxicities, you might need to detox more often that’s going to be a case by case.

Emmy Grimes

Yeah, and I imagine it’s a process. It’s not maybe just one appointment, it may mean multiple, so that that makes sense. What does the Tennant Institute offer to address the body’s overall health and specifically those detoxes as well?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

Now, specifically for the detoxes, I put together different packages. That way, it gives people some flexibility, because I like people to have options. There are more advanced detoxes where you might need to add more remedy frequencies based on your histories. And that’s going to help you address at up to up to 10 of them, and it’s going to help you if you’re someone who is constantly being exposed to these toxins.

But I have other options too that are more budget friendly, where if you only get one or two exposures, you can do this other detox package, which is a little bit cheaper. And I have one where we just take your hair and your nail sample, whether you’re doing telemedicine or coming in person, we can just scan your body, create remedy frequencies, and it’s good for those wellness people who don’t know what’s in their body, they just want remedy frequencies for them to detox. I want people to have options for detoxing.

Now, that’s for detoxes, but you know, at the Institute, we have energetic packages. This will especially be good for summertime, fall time, winter time– I feel like people get really busy. If you’re wanting your body to be prepared for that, you know, that grind you have during the fall & winter busy months, the packages are great, because you come in and we address everything.

There’s also a device owner packages, if you’re already a device owner and are already familiar with these principles, there are other ways you can learn to use the devices. You can get individual treatments for kids, you know, before sending your kids to school. It’s a good idea to have them do emotional releases, that way they’re ready for school and they have confidence. There are different services we provide, both packages and a la carte that you can get. The nice part is we’ve got a lot of options for you, just contact the clinic if you’re wanting more detail on prices and what’s offered.

Emmy Grimes

That’s fantastic. And it’s so great that there are resources there both in-person and telemedicine that you can have the ability to really address all areas going on with the body. What is the number one tip to stay healthy this summer?

Chase Faldmo, DC.

Number one tip is very simple. Eating your fruits and vegetables. We talk a lot about getting hydrated with water. But what also helps you hydrate is the food you eat. So having fresh, green, leafy vegetables is going to give you hydration as well as good fresh fruit. What’s beautiful about this time of year is this is the prime time to eat produce when they’re fresh. Not only does it give you hydration, but these foods are electron donors for us. They give us voltage and they help us rebuild ourselves. So go eat those fresh fruits & vegetables. Have them in smoothies. There are multiple ways to make it delicious. Put that Restore™ in too, give it a little extra flavor!

Emmy Grimes

Oh, that’s good. I love that. That’s so important. Yes, we are what we eat, and it shows and helps us feel good and bring the energy back. Thank you so much, this has been informative and helpful.

Chase Faldmo, DC.

Thank you Emmy, grateful to join y’all.

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