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Dates for our health conferences and events attended by Senergy Medical Group/ Dr. Tennant

Health Conference Dates

Dates for the next health conferences are found below. Contact us to sign up!

  • Dec 6-7 Health Conference – Phoenix

  • Jan 23-25th 2020 Health Conference – Dallas

  • Feb 13-15 2020 Master Course – Dallas

  • March 19-21 2020 Health Conference – Dallas

Misc Events!

Senergy Medical Group & Dr. Tennant will be attending the events below. Hope to see you there!

  • November 14-16, 2019—ACIM– Integrative Health Conference—Orlando, Florida
    Dr. Jerry Tennant MD: Healing is Voltage: The Physics of Emotions

    • Objectives:
      ·       Life itself is dependent upon voltage.
      ·       One must know the human body’s electronic system to understand health and disease.
      ·       Emotions are stored in the body and its circuits as magnetic fields that block the ability of organs to received adequate voltage and distort operating frequencies.
      ·       As emotions are magnetic fields, they can be removed with other magnetic fields and re-tuned with appropriate frequencies to restore normal organ function.

  • November 15-17–Wise Traditions Westin Price Foundation—Delta Hotel Allan, Texas
    November 17—9:00 – 10:15 AM Dr. Jerry Tennant JERRY TENNANT, MD
    Two associates who are experts in emotional release and toxins will assist in talks. Dr. Amy Marshall will assist Dr. Tennant in the second lecture on Tennant Scalar Emotional Tuning and Dr. Chase Faldmo will assist in the third lecture on cancelling toxins with scalar energy.

  • March 6-7 IAOMT – lecture by Dr Tennant and Senergy to attend and exhibit

  • FMM – Functional Medicine Meeting in Phoenix (SCNM) May 9, 2020

  • May 13-17 – SAWC (Chronic Wound Conf)    San Diego – ONLY Senergy exhibit and poster presentation by outside researchers

  • June 4-7 Electric Universe Conference – Portland OR – Dr T to lecture / Senergy to Exhibit

  • July 17th-24thVesica Institute – Asheville, NC – Dr. Tennant to Lecture