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There is only one Tennant Institute (TI) located in Irving, Texas, but it may not be necessary to see someone at the Institute if you are close to a preventative state. You can give us a call at Senergy and we will give you guidance on whether you need to start your health journey with a visit to the Institute, or whether you can focus on adding Voltage and proper Nutrition to your body. Additionally, the TI does have Telemedicine appointments! Again, our Senergy advisors can help you figure out where to start! 

The Tennant’s Integrative Health Conference (IHC) takes you back to the fundamentals of cell health as Dr. Tennant and Senergy staff provide you with the skills of maintaining or rebuilding healthy cells in the body.

But, that’s not all! Not only will you learn from Dr. Tennant, but you will also learn from many other experts in the field of holistic wellness including speakers discussing the importance of holistic dentistry, pH water, detoxing your body and more. Watch this video or click this link to learn more and find out when the next conference is!

There are a ton of different options when it comes to investing in your health and purchasing a Tennant BioModulator®. We offer BioModulator® packages that have all the accessories you need to Get Well and Stay Well from the comfort of your home, or you can purchase the items a-la-carte. To learn more about each item, please explore our devices pages.

Additionally, please note that we do offer financing options because we want you to be able to start your wellness journey as soon as possible. Ready to purchase or want to ask specific questions? Please make an appointment with our Senergy advisors who can assist you!

The first step in getting well is to start adding voltage and proper nutrition back into your body asap. Then it may be necessary to address the 5 factors that drained your body in the first place, but most of all, you MUST start adding back that voltage in order to create new and healthy cells. Our Senergy Advisors would be happy to help you get started on your health journey.

The equipment is a great option whether you are already feeling healthy and using it for prevention, or if you have chronic pain and are looking to get well. Call us to learn more. 

If you’re out there facing a health crisis- we do encourage you to utilize the equipment on a daily basis.  If you find yourself in a position of having an extreme health crisis, we recommend that you use the equipment several times a day. If you are in a more preventative state, you can use the equipment a few times a week. Please contact us with any questions! 

We have multiple platforms that offer additional help with learning how things work. Senergy University provides Tutorial videos on how to do protocols and tips to aid you as a device owner. Here you will find charts, videos, and handouts to ensure you are staying healthy. 

We are committed here at Senergy to your wellbeing. We are always available to help guide you through the process. Make an appointment to get help today! 

We understand how overwhelming pain and illness can be.

With Dr. Tennant’s health system we have been providing hope and wellness to thousands of people, just like you, for the last 20 years.

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