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Integrative Health Conference for Public

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Chronic disease and Chronic Pain occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells that work. 

In this course, Dr. Jerry Tennant and his esteemed colleagues teach us why our body needs voltage to work properly, what materials it needs to stay healthy, and what keeps it from healing in the first place.  This course is the compilation of several different recording from past conferences. To get the most up to date information, be sure to attend an IN PERSON Integrative Health Conference. These are held in Dallas, Texas every few months. To learn more or sign up for our next one, please go HERE


  • The science behind Dr. Tennant’s Healing Is Voltage
  • The 5 factors that make (and keep) you sick
  • How emotions effect your body
  • How dental infections can cause illness
  • The importance of proper nutrition in your body
  • How toxins (including bad water) effect your health
  • The importance of Nitric Oxide in your system 
  • And so much more! 

Lessons in the course:

Dr. Faldmo DC – Additional Patient Demos

Dr. Faldmo DC – Q&A + Polarity Demo

Dr. Faldmo DC – The Human Electrical Battery System

Dr. Tennant & Dr. Marshall – Bowling Ball Syndrome

Dr. Amy Marshall – Tennant Autonomic Balancing System (TABS)

Dr. Amy Marshall – Tuning Emotions

Dr. Evans DDS – Dental Infections

Dr. Tennant – 5 Factors of Low Voltage

biomodulator plus, biomodulator pro

Thursday Night – Device Owner Q&A

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