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We know that Thunderbolt Project followers are all about exploring the electrical universe and examining the role of electricity in space and the negligible contribution of gravity in cosmic events. Dr. Tennant is excited to share his Health System and how it all relates to electricity and Healing is Voltage™. 

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Give The Body What It Needs To Heal​

Senergy is a groundbreaking company that merges holistic wellness practices with new and proven scientific, microcurrent technologies. Whether you are suffering from pain, insomnia, excessive stress, chronic illness, or another health crisis, we are devoted to helping you figure out why you are ill and helping you live your life to the fullest. Our patented, FDA-accepted, portable devices help you feel your best and live pain-free without the use of medication. As a result, our clients end up individually hacking their health and living the life they’ve always wanted.

At Senergy, we know that you want to be pain-free and healthy.

In order to do that, you need to give the body what it needs. Dr. Tennant has discovered exactly what your body needs to create new and healthy cells so you can recover from chronic illness and chronic pain.

Discover our products like the Tennant BioModulator®

The BioModulator® uses technology designed to stimulate the body’s natural release of nitric oxide, endorphins, and neuropeptides into the bloodstream, and increases ATP in the cells. The BioModulator® works by giving the cells the energy they are lacking. When the cells are restored to their optimal level of energy the body can heal itself. 

This device, paired with our exclusive supplement line gives the body everything it needs to create new and healthy cells to ensure that you Get Well. Be Well. Live Well™.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, more commonly referred to as a TENS unit is an electronic medical device that produces electrical signals used to stimulate nerves through unbroken skin. The TENS units are bombardment devices; meaning they bombard your body with electrical currents without any true focus to the energy.

Additionally, TENS units emit square waves while our BioModulator emits curved waves. By design, our bodies have curved waves which means that the square waves don’t work as well (think round peg in a square hole).  With the proprietary frequency developed by Dr. Tennant is emitted through the BioModulator®, our body actually selects them and takes frequency to the areas of deficiency. With square waves the frequencies are not as helpful with healing and often times take longer with getting results.

 The BioModulator® has the capability of delivering these curved frequencies to the cells by first measuring the tissue through reaction and figuring out exactly what it needs. That way when the proprietary frequency developed by Dr. Tennant is introduced to a cell, it is measured perfectly for efficient healing, If the current was off by even a millionth of an amp, it can be the difference between the cells utilizing it or not.


 *Benefits include:

  • Gentle
  • Easy to use
  • Drug-free and non-invasive therapy
  • Positive effects may appear after the first session
  • May be used together with a standard drug or surgical treatment (adjunctive therapy)
  • Helps decrease use of large doses of drugs
  • Can help several conditions at the same time

The Tennant BioModulator® PLUS offers a non-invasive, drug-free alternative, integrative or adjunctive medical treatment. It is painless. Treatment is conducted by placing the device directly on the skin or by using accessory electrodes that are available for purchase.®

* The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA.


We have many different packages and options for our customers. We strongly encourage you make an appointment with one of our Senergy staff to discuss your options. We also offer financing options for the Tennant BioModulator®.


"When you have all the voltage (energy), all the things it takes to make a cell, and deal with the toxins that damage the cells, your body will begin to heal." - Dr. Tennant

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VOLTAGE: is delivered through Dr. Tennant’s Proprietary BioModulator® device. Tennant BioModulator® devices contain unique frequency sets created by Dr. Jerry Tennant to produce electrical impulses. These are transmitted by electrodes in the device to increase voltage in the cells. The Tennant BioModulator® works by giving the cells the energy they are lacking. When the cells are restored to their optimal level of energy, the body can successfully make new cells. 

DETOX: We all know that the body is able to detox naturally, but in our modern world, we are finding that our bodies can’t keep up with the onslaught of toxins because the detoxification pathways are overwhelmed by excessive toxin exposure. Dr. Tennant and the Tennant Institute have discovered that it is imperative to remove toxins from the body so they don’t interfere with normal cellular function or destroy the new cells that your body is making.

The Tennant Institute has discovered 5 things that interfere with these detoxification pathways including: Dental Issues (root canals), Emotions, Scars/Tattoos, imbalanced thyroid hormone levels, toxins from the world around you. If you schedule an appointment with the Tennant Institute, they will go over your current medical files and history, and use a variety of natural therapy protocols and alternative health care products to help reduce the toxic load on the body.

NUTRITION: The body must have the correct raw materials in order to use the voltage and build new healthy cells. Dr. Tennant has developed a core group of nutritional alternative health care products that support the production of new cells. These 5 core supplements are comprehensive, professional, nutraceutical-grade products that deliver superior-quality, biologically-active natural ingredients and specialty nutraceuticals necessary to repair and make new cells to support optimal health and wellness. 

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