The Darin Olien Show: Dr. Tennant Interview (Part 3)

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The following is a partial transcription of Darin Olien’s interview with Dr. Tennant, to listen to the full podcast episode, please visit this link.

Darin Olien: So how do people in the normal day-to-day know they are draining their muscle battery packs, for example, how does that happen?

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Well, we’ve identified five different reasons that muscles lose their charge, and then flip their polarity. First of all, is thyroid hormone. Second is a scar across the circuit across the wiring system for that battery. Third is a dental infection in the teeth that are in that circuit. Fourth is emotional baggage. And fifth is toxins. So each one of those things will drain your battery a little bit, and next drain a little more, the next a little bit more. And finally you add enough of those things together, then the battery flips.

Now this is one of the major defects in my view of traditional medicine and even many forms of so-called alternative or natural medicine. And that is in traditional medicine, we do “scientific studies”, and that’s in quotes, “scientific studies” in order to find out if one particular thing is causing something, or if one particular thing cures something. And so we try to isolate all of the other substances or other things just to see what the effect of that one particular thing is. Well, the reality is almost no illnesses are due to one particular thing. Now there are obviously exceptions, if you happen to be next to Chernobyl when it blew up. Yeah, the radiation is going to kill you. You know if you’re under the water and hell there you go and you don’t get oxygen, yeah, that’s going to kill you too. But talking about most of chronic disease is not a single item causing it. It’s a combination of various electron stealers added together which are adequate in their sum and total, to drain the battery to zero.

Okay, so, now, we see that same thing in natural medicine, alternative medicine, whatever you want to call it. Everybody’s always looking for that magic, South African jungle juice, it’s gonna cure everything that’s wrong with everybody. And I’m sure having gone and inspected a lot of those things, you, in particular, know that that’s simply not true, there isn’t one magic bullet. So what you have to do then is to go down the list of those things, and identify which ones are active in order in keeping this circuit flip, because if you don’t fix them all, even if you flip the battery back and charge it up, which we can tell you how to do in a moment, it will simply flip again. So would you like me to go down the list?

Darin Olien: Let’s do it, let’s go down the list.

Dr. Tennant: So thyroid hormones, very important, but the thyroid hormone that’s most important is T3. So the thyroid normally makes T1, T2, T3, and T4. But the thyroid hormone that most doctors prescribe is just T4. Now the problem is that to convert T4 into the active form of T3, you must have iodine, progesterone, glutathione, and several other things that are in the list that you have to have. And the problem is that many people are deficient in those cofactors or nutrients.

So, if you give somebody T4 it doesn’t matter if they can’t convert it to the active form of T3. And so and the other thing is that the thyroid process actually begins in the hypothalamus of the brain. And that part of the brain is under control of adrenaline from your adrenals. So if your adrenals are out, which is true in most sick people, then the thyroid process can’t work correctly because the hypothalamus isn’t getting the signals it needs. So then the hypothalamus puts out what’s called barotropic releasing hormone, which tells the pituitary to put out TSH, which tells the thyroid to put out T4, and the T4 must be converted to the active form of T3.

Unfortunately, doctors are trained to look at TSH. And occasionally they look at T4. And if those are in the normal range, they say, well, you have adequate thyroid hormone. But you can see those numbers could be normal. But if you can’t convert them to the active form, it could be 80% deficient at the cell membrane and have normal TSH 34 in your blood. And so there’s an enormous amount of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. And so remember that the thyroid hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body. T3 also controls the total number of mitochondria in the body. And T2 controls the function of the mitochondria.

Darin Olien: That is a big, big juggernaut of control over these energy systems.

Dr. Tennant: Yes. So we were looking at thyroids scars, dental infections. Now if you’ve got a circuit going through a tooth and you get decay in the tooth, the decay simply acts as a resistor to some of the electrons trying to go through that tooth, and it drops the voltage about. But decay in and of itself won’t flip the polarity. But if you have an infection in a tooth, and that infection spreads into the bone around the tooth, now it’ll simply flip the polarity in that circuit and nothing you do will work until you get the infection out of the bone around that tooth.

And of course, the teeth that are most likely to end up in that situation are root canal teeth because root canal teeth are dead and 100% of root canal teeth get infected because they’re still attached at the roots to the vascular and lymphatic system. And so like Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky has shown one root canal tooth shuts down 63% of your immune system.

Darin Olien: Oh, no, I have one.

Dr. Tennant: Okay, now that one is in your kidney-bladder circuit, and which is, perhaps, from a voltage standpoint, more important than some others in that the final common pathway to all of your organs, for voltage to go is the bladder circuit. So when you take out that final common pathway, you usually have general overall low voltage.

Darin Olien: Is there any way to and for all of you who don’t see it’s my front tooth, I landed on it as a kid. Is there any way to do a root canal? Because we did high oxygen treatment on it later in my life and cleaned it out. And is there any way to have a root canal done correctly? Or what is my next step? Do I have to pull that tooth and put something else in? Or what are your thoughts on that,

Dr. Tennant: And so you simply have to pull it, clean up the bone, give the bone a little time to heal, and go back and put a zirconium implant in, zirconium screw, of course, is similar to synthetic diamond. And when you put a zirconium implant in, it acts very much like a normal tooth and it doesn’t short the circuit and it doesn’t put out toxins. And so it’s a great solution to the problem.

Okay, so we’ve been going down the list of why batteries discharge, we looked at thyroid, we looked at scars, we looked at dental infections. Now we look at emotions. Let’s get into that. Now, our memories and our emotions are stored in the body’s magnetic fields very much like a DVD writer has a magnetic needle that writes pictures on the platter. To understand how we can do something about them, you have to think about an orchestra. If an orchestra is playing and all the instruments are in tune, you have beautiful music. But if one of the violins is out of tune, your ear is screeching in front of all the other music.

Well, our memories are stored in the body with frequencies that are in tune with a body so the body is happy for them to be there. But our emotions are stored with frequencies that are out of tune with the body. So they’re like the screeching violin. Or the body doesn’t want to hear that screeching all the time. So it builds a wall around it, so don’t ever listen to it. But that wall blocks the voltage, blocks the circuit, and drops the voltage. And that’s how emotions make us sick, it drops the voltage.

Well, what to do about it? It happens that every different circuit in the body, every different acupuncture circuit or muscle battery pack runs at a different frequency. Just very much like different radio stations. And every different emotion has a different frequency and they resonate with each other. So anger gets stored in the liver-gallbladder circuit. Fear gets stored in the kidney-bladder circuit, or it gets stored in spleen-stomach, etc. Well, you have to remember we talked about the fact that the human body is an electromagnet. And all electromagnets are surrounded by a magnetic field. And all of the information that’s in the electromagnet that gets transmitted out into its field. Well in the human, the field goes out about five feet. So when you’re walking within five feet, or something, of someone, you’re actually walking through their memories, but you don’t know it because you don’t have a receiver for that.

On the other hand, if you’re paying attention, when you walk within five feet of something, oftentimes you’ll bump into a little resistance that you can feel, it’s a little bit like walking down a sidewalk, and there’s a little gust of wind that hits you in the face. When you feel that you’ve bumped into a person’s emotion, one of their emotions. Well, because emotions are frequencies, they can be tuned with scalar energy. And remember, scalar energy is a Transducer or sound. So if you apply either one of those to that distortion, it will turn it back into a frequency that is in harmony with the body. And so what you’ve done is you’ve turned any emotion into being just a memory.

Darin Olien: Wow. So are you saying that, I mean, obviously, someone can talk and get into emotions, and then say consciously what’s going on? But we know that so much is unconscious, right? And so much is stored? And maybe, you know, like you said, it’s already built-up walls. So number one, how do you test for the emotional blockages? And then how do you counteract that I kind of think of like a rife technology, right? So a certain frequency, and you give it the equal and opposite, and it kind of neutralizes it. So how do you discover the emotion in someone whether they’re aware of it or not? And then how do you kind of counteract that with the same frequency?

Dr. Tennant: Well, the reality is, when people come to my clinic, with all sorts of chronic illnesses, the two elephants in the room are always dental infections, and emotions. And of course, we address both of those. Because if we don’t address those, then we can make people a little bit better, but they don’t get well. If you address those things, people tend to get well. And so again, so much of what one needs to do, to understand how the human body works and how to interact with it, one needs to understand the difference between electromagnetic energy and scalar energy.

But the reality is that one can, let’s say that you drive around a curve, and you have a car wreck. Next time you drive around the curve, your pupils dilate, your pulse speeds up, etc, because of the emotions of the wreck. But if we identify the emotion of your wreck and tune it into being just a memory, then the next time you drive around the curve, you say, huh, where I had my wreck, but nothing happens. Because now it’s just another memory, the body’s happy to be there.

So you’ve taken out the charge of the emotion that that really takes people on a dive. If they haven’t healed that part, they have the memory, but it’s attached to all of this detrimental emotion, that obviously physicalizes itself.

Remember that emotion blocks a circuit and lowers voltage in that circuit. And so, if you have, let’s say you’re really angry about something or other you’re angry cuz your dad left you when you were six, or you’re angry because your wife just divorced you, or you’re angry, because you got fired at work, or whatever, that is going to get stuck in your liver-gallbladder circuit. And so you’re going to start having problems with your liver not working well. Or the gallbladder circuit goes to your– is actually a power supply to your ear, to your hip, and your knee. And so one of those is going to start going out on you just because you’re carrying the anger, which dropped the voltage, you see it’s, it’s not so much of what it does– you know, we try to explain all these things, because we’re trained that way. It’s not biochemistry, it’s physics. We drop the voltage and whatever’s on that circuit that’s related to that emotion that resonates with that emotion. The voltage drops in that circuit and that’s the circuit that gets sick.

Okay, final thing is toxins. And toxins, of course, are all electron stealers. So every atom has a different frequency. So if you take a device called a spectrophotometer, and you measure the light coming from the moon, you can say, oh, there’s calcium on the moon, I see its frequency. Well, if you put a bunch of atoms together to make a molecule, it has a certain pattern of frequencies. And you can use a device called a mass spectrometer, and identify that molecule. And that’s how CSI can say, oh, this person was poisoned with fill in the blank, they can see it in their machine.

Now, if you take a frequency, and you put it in a second time, the same frequency, it increases its power. But if you put a frequency in then you put the same one and out of phase, then the two collapse each other, and poof, they’re gone. So if you go out to Las Vegas, or Reno and you go in, or the slot machines are, they don’t want you to use your cell phone. So the hotels know the frequencies that all the phone companies use, and they put that signal in out of phase. So when you try to use your cell phone, it cancels your cell phone signal. They don’t want you in there playing games on your cell phone. They want you they’re plugging in on the slot machines.

Well, we use that same basic technology based on the work of Dr. Lee Cowden where we can scan a person, find the frequencies that are in there that don’t belong in there. And then take the frequency of that out of phase into a little bottle and then shine scalar energy through it into the body, and whatever toxins you have get poofed. And so that’s the way we detox people.

Again, the five reasons that we find it’s bad that batteries discharge is not enough thyroid hormone T3, scars across the circuit that shorted out, dental infections that shorted out, emotional baggage, and toxins. And so each one of those has the ability to drain your battery a little more and a little more and a little more, until finally, it flips upside down. Once it’s upside down, nothing you do works. So what we can do is if we apply scalar energy to the circuit that has this upside down, it will flip the polarity back. But the battery’s still discharged, then we need electromagnetic energy to recharge the battery backup and we use the device I developed called the BioModulator®, which puts out an electromagnetic whereas the BioTransducer® puts out scalar.

Once we could charge that battery backup to fully charged, now the body has the voltage to go start making new cells and they will do it. And remember, the body never forgets how to heal itself. It just happens to have the voltage to do it, it has to have all the parts it takes to make cells. And you have to get rid of toxins or damaged cells as fast as you make them. When you do all of those things, the body goes back to work. All you have to do is get out of the way and let it heal itself.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for the rest of this fascinating interview with Dr. Jerry Tennant!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or give us a call at 972-580-0545.

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