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So I’ve Done The Daily Protocol… Now What?

NOTE: In 2021, Dr. Jerry Tennant optimized the 4-Step Protocol to reflect his most recent research, and it is now referred to as The Daily Protocol and has 5 steps. View the updated protocol here, and anytime you see 4-Step Protocol referenced, please note it is now called The Daily Protocol. 

The following was taken from a Facebook Livestream with Senergy Specialists Emmy Grimes and Tamara Bagwell, N.D. You can watch the full video below.

Many of you own BioModulator & BioTransducer devices and do your Daily Protocol. So what’s next? There are so many ways you can use these devices to improve your health and wellbeing, whether you have a lot of ailments or are just using them preventatively. 

Remember, when we do our Daily Protocol, we’re correcting the flow and balance of energy in our body. For a young person with an injury who is otherwise relatively healthy, treating the injury directly with the BioTransducer is the way to go. Simply point the light at the injury or problem directly. 

However, if we have a more elderly person (who in addition to an injury) has chronic health issues such as diabetes or heart disease, it’s more than likely the body will not hold the energy at, say, a hurt knee. The body will divert the energy to the body’s organs that need more voltage. Any time there is a deficit in the body, the voltage will be taken there first. Therefore, that person may not feel immediate relief in their hurt knee.

This is why initially doing the Daily Protocol is important because it helps bring the body back into balance and charge our muscle battery packs. Then, using our most powerful tool (the BioTransducer) to target problem areas after our protocol is the best way to speed up the healing process. 

If the area in question is hard to reach, such as your back, we recommend using a microphone stand (available in our online store) to position the BioTransducer wherever you need without having to hold it. We also have electrode pads that can be plugged into our BioModulator and placed anywhere on the body for increased portability. There is no limit as to how long you can wear the pads, for more severe injuries, sometimes all day is recommended at the start. This way, you can put the BioModulator in your pocket, fanny pack, belt, or purse and take it with you.

(Tamara Bagwell) did this when she had a herniated disc for 15 years in her back. She had severe pain through three pregnancies and could barely walk, but once she wore the electrodes for a couple of weeks, the pain completely resolved and her body healed itself. To this day, she doesn’t have any more issues with back pain.

Preventative Health & Stress

There are people in jobs, such as first responders, police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc., who encounter tremendous daily stress, so balancing their autonomic nervous system daily is critically important in reducing and preventing stress-related ailments. 

Even in certain office environments, work can be stressful with everything that’s expected of us, and the Daily Protocol should be done daily to prevent any health decline before it happens. The same goes for caregivers: make sure you take care of yourself so you can properly take care of others! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

This also will help keep emotions in a much more stable place, reducing that flight or fight response and resulting in clearer decision-making in stressful circumstances.

Partial Protocol

Steps 1-3 are great for a daily preventative for the average person, and when the weather permits, going for a jog is a great way to get electrons flowing through the body which can sometimes take the place of step 5 (if you don’t have any critical chronic illness to deal with).


We have a lot of professional athletes that use this equipment to recover faster from injuries and over-exertion, but you don’t have to perform at that level to benefit from using these devices after physical activity. Whether you go to the gym, play a sport for fun, or find yourself a little sore after a weekend hike, this protocol benefits everyone.

Is it safe for children and teens?

You’re never too young to start using this equipment! Tamara’s grandchildren (1 year old and 5 years old) already use the BioModulator to increase a sense of calm and heal their bodies.

So often teenagers turn to self-medicating to handle life’s stresses, but introducing them to these protocols young will instill a healthier coping mechanism and give them a greater opportunity to succeed in life.

As Tamara Bagwell shared, these protocols helped her kids stay grounded through the stresses of high school, and increased their ability to focus, retain information, and get a good night’s sleep.


For people with insomnia waking up in the middle of the night, leave your device on the nightstand so you can grab it immediately, put it on Infinity Mode, and place it on the side of your neck. Slowly turn up the power and do some light stimulation– no need to turn on the lights or get out of bed. Just make sure the Y-Electrode is straddling the muscle below the ear along the side of the neck. Make sure to do both sides! Approach this like mediation… stay relaxed and open.

How long does it take to build up voltage in the body?

It depends on the person and how chronically ill they may be. For someone with a lot of long-term issues, it will take more time to build up voltage in the body in comparison to someone who is healthy but with a minor injury. Just make sure to keep at it, day-by-day, and your body will eventually receive the tools it needs to build new, healthy cells.

Don’t forget about the 5 Factors of Low Voltage! If we’re not paying attention to the root cause of the problem, it will likely return (which we don’t want). The 5-Factors of Low Voltage are dental infections, toxins, scars, thyroid & adrenal function & emotional blocks. 

What if a scar is blocking a meridian?

The simplest way to clear a meridian blockage caused by a scar is to use the Soreness Essential Oil & shine the BioTransducer light at it. This allows electrons to pass more freely instead of getting stuck.

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