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Leo Szymborski, Founder of pH Prescriptions, Guest Speaker PBS Healing Quest Television - Dr. Jerry Tennant Featured as Guest

Leo Szymborski has devoted most of his life to water and making it better for everyone it touches. Leo is the founder of pH Prescriptions LLC which specializes in filtration systems that not only purify drinking and bathing water but also add back in critical minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. The result is structured alkaline water that its proponents say functions like an antioxidant at the cellular level. See Leo discussion about the value of Antioxidant Water and pH Precription Water Filtration System. 



Countertop Water Processing Unit - PH-CT-500

The 7-stage Filtration & Purification Counter Top System naturally alkaline water processer utilizes Tourmaline Ceramic, when combined with water, emits far-infrared rays to produce structured water. Far-infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organisms. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient in protecting cells. Installs in minutes without tools fits any faucet,adapters included compact, light and economical swivel chromed spout sealed construction for purified alkaline water with easy hookup, easy to use, without permanent installation.



Under Sink Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Reverse Osmosis
Purification System - PH-RO-1000

The Premium 6-Stage System utilizes first-class technology to rid drinking water of impurities. This Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water System is different from all other RO Systems because it utilizes an Alkaline Filter which restores the essential nutrients and minerals removed by the membrane in the filtration process. Unlike other Osmosis Filters, that purifies but leaves the water with an acidic pH level. Alkaline water is much healthier. Alkaline water is healthier. This unit installs permanently under the sink.




Whole House Water Purification System - PH-WH-3000

The Whole House Water Purification System filters the entire house from bathrooms for personal hygiene use to in kitchens for cooking and utility rooms for laundry. The standard whole house filter unit has a maximum capacity of 300,000 gallons and is permanently installed to the home. It is capable of removing hundreds of contaminants from municipal water, if present.



UV/GAC Alkaline Water Dispenser & Purification System

Now the ultimate biological protection available in a Point of Use, water dispenser. This top of the line hot and cold water dispenser integrates a patented Spiral Ultraviolet Light to prevent the potential for biofilm (slime) buildup in the storage tank after chlorine has been reduced through carbon filtration. Ultraviolet technology also helps reduce any heterotrophic bacteria that may occur in drinking water. A application of BioCote® technology is embedded into the product with microbial reduction in mind, so as to inhibit the growth of microbes. An Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Cartridge filter is added by pH Prescription to increase hydration and energy, for adding essential minerals to the water and to reduce acidity. This system is ideal for hospitals, doctor offices, children care centers, and other business concerned about the safety and wellness of their patients and employees. SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. PLEASE CONTACT SENERGY DIRECTLY FOR DETAILS.



The body is alkaline and functions best in an alkaline environment. However, everyday life creates acid. Poor digestion, shallow respiration and stress all generate acid and acidic by-products. Water is more than just a drink. It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, detoxifies by flushing out waste and maintains proper communication between the living cells. The more water can be absorbed into each cell, the more effectively the body can function as it should by flushing out waste in the form of urine and sweat.

By drinking an abundance alkaline water, the body increases its intake of oxygen which helps neutralize the build up of acids for less coagualation and better blood circulation. By eliminating acidic waste,the body can naturally heal itself.


The human body is a rechargeable battery. Every cell is a rechargeable battery. Like all batteries, water is critical. Cells are about 70% water and thus its importance is emphasized. The ability of water to enter the cell is controlled by voltage (pH). Thus when you measure total body water, extracellular water and intracellular water as well as the total body voltage, you will find that people with low voltage have an increase in extracellular water and a decrease in intracellular water. Most water or drinks that people consume in North America are low voltage (low pH) and thus contribute to intracellular dehydration. In addition the cluster size of water molecules plays a role. Finding water that is pure and free from contaminants is alkaline (electron donor) with a small cluster size has been difficult and expensive. Finally the solution has been created by pH Prescription. It measures better than any water I have tested and is certainly more affordable than inferior products. I use it in my home, my office and recommend it to my patients.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), MD(P)-Author of Healing is Voltage

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