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Tennant Biomodulator PRO & Biotransducer - KIT


Tennant Biomodulator PRO & Biotransducer CrystalWave - KIT

This KIT includes one Tennant Biomodulator PRO & one Biotransducer CrystalWave, one Large Body Tissue Electrode (Y Shaped Electrode), one Hair (Scalp) Brush Electrode, one Pencil Electrode, and the connection wires for these electrodes.  Also included one package of the 2x2 Foam Conductive Pads, One 4 lead 4PIN connection wires, one copy of Dr Tennant's Healing is Voltage Handbook, instructional DVDs and QuickSTART Manual all packaged in the Large Black Protective Case with Shoulder Strap.  


WARNING - Tennant Biomodulator devices and Kits are not recommended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronice device or who may be pregnant.


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