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From left to right; Barbara Evans, Hazel Pavic, Tamara Bagwell, Aiden-Michael Alexander, Cheryl Campbell, Karla Bass, Scott Tennant (center).
Not pictured: Maxie McFadin.


The Senergy Team is made up of a group of health and wellness industry professionals dedicated to supporting patients interested in self-care, as well as, practitioners looking for alternative, integrative, holistic medical solutions. As the sole source distributor, Senergy Medical Group is responsible for the worldwide distribution, education and customer service of the Tennant Biomodulator®. In addition, Senergy distributes and provides customer service for other integrative products that Dr. Tennant recommends for health and wellness.

Our knowledgeable, caring staff is here to help with the purchase and understanding of the Tennant Biomodulator® and other products. In addition, Senergy schedules and presides over monthly health conferences and Biomodulator training. Taught by Dr. Tennant, the conferences and training are designed to help clients understand how to use their Biomodulator in conjunction with Dr. Tennant’s theories on healing and voltage to obtain better health and wellness.

To learn more about the products and programs offered by Senergy Medical Group, please call our corporate offices and speak to a member of the Senergy team. Each member of our team is committed to helping individuals achieve their integrative health and well-being  goals and provide professionals with the tools to assist their patients with symptomatic relief and management of pain.

Contact us here or call 972.580.0545 to begin your journey to health and wellness.   



Please Note:

Senergy Medical Group is the exclusive distributor for the Tennant Biomodulator® and other products recommended by Dr. Tennant. Senergy can only provide information about these products. Senergy is not a medical office and cannot provide any medical advice or diagnosis.

To make an appointment with Dr. Tennant, please contact his office at Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine at 972-580-1156. 




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