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Quantum 5 Segmental BIA


Quantum 5 Segmental BIA

Product overview; The Quantum 5 is the latest Bioelectrical Impediance Analysis (BIA) medical device from the industry originator RJL Systems.    The Quantum 5 has been enhanced with the ability to perform segmental body composition assessment on 13 zones of the human body.  This Class II medical device provides fast and accurate segmental body composition assessments of fat, fat free mass (lean body mass), lean dry mass, lean soft tissue (LST), total body water (intracellular and extracellular) and skeletal muscle mass.

The Quantum 5 uses and eight-lead, 12 channel multiplexer to quickly measure resistance and reactance values from each arm, each leg and the right and left torso, including the upper and lower regions of the human body.  The repeatability and accuracy of the resistance and reactance measurements allow the smallest changes to be recorded with 0.1 ohms of resolution.

Key Features:

* Segmental body composition assessment on 13 zones of the human body, as well as whole body composition assessment.

* A key differentiator and patented feature of the Quantum 5 is the sum of the LST, or fat mass, is equal to the whole body LST, or fat assessment.  Only the Quantum 5 is capable of providing the sum of the parts equal to the whole (whole body).

* Built in firmware automatically handles selecting eight leads (electrodes), scanning multiple zones and expensive DEXA machines. 

* Quantitative and measurable results are easy to read and share, allowing health professionals to chart patient's health goals and progress.

* The unit's built in memory can store more than 2,000 records, which can be downloaded to a computer using built-in Bluetooth or USB port, standard on the Quantum 5.

* Bright Blue OLED display is easy to read

* Battery provides an operating time of more than 9 hours on a single charge.










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