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TV Interview on PBS -Healing Quest
Dr. Tennant - Healing is Voltage and Development of Biomodulator

TV Interview on PBS - Healing Quest
Animals and Healing - Dr. Tennant Featured as Guest

TV Interview on PBS - Healing Quest
Antioxidant Water - Interview with PH Prescription Water Filtration System - Dr. Tennant Featured as Guest

Radio/Video Interview with Dennis J Courtney- AM Impact On Your Health
Healing is Voltage with Dr. Jerry Tennant  

Radio Interview with Teri Arranga - VoiceAmerica – A Conversation of Hope
The Energy to Heal with Dr. Jerry Tennant (Autism & Voltage)

Radio Interview with George Noory - Coast To Coast
Radio Interview With Dr. Jerry Tennant and Dr. Mark Starr

Radio Interview With Patrick Timpone -One Radio Network - New Technologies
Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD - Voltage, Resonance, Hyperthyroid- 09.24.09



Natural Wellness Expo
Understanding How Your Body Works - Part I 
Understanding How Your Body Works - Part II 

Mark Starr, MD, 21st Century Pain & Sports Medicine, Shares His Own Miraculous Story of Healing
Using the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer

Odorox (HGI Industries)- Ralph Kubitzki, Director of Research and Communications Discusses Clean Air


Voltage...The Key To Rebuilding Your Health
Natural Solutions for Pain: Non-Addictive and Cost-Effective
Consumer Report – OnHealth Article –The Safest Way to Stop Pain
Dentist Develop Pain-Free Electrical Filling That Allows Natural Repair of Teeth
Electro-Sensitivity (ES) - A New Medical Condition On The Rise and Often Misdiagnosed



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