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People worldwide live with chronic pain either due to injury, illness or direct damage to the nervous system and is the leading cause for physician visits and medications in the United States (US).  One in three Americans suffer from chronic pain. Back pain alone creates an annual cost of $20 billion in medical treatment and disability payouts. Often pain is an invisible, subjective symptoms that can take a huge physical, financial and emotional toll on the patient, as well as, family and friends.  Unremitting pain can rob a person of the ability to enjoy life, maintain important relationships, fulfill spousal and parental responsibilities, perform well on the job or work at all. Chronic pain can also be financially draining, which can acerbate feelings of loss and actually increase the patient’s pain.




In the February, 2014 issue of Consumer Reports – OnHealth reports on the dangers of taking over the counter, as well as prescription medication. According to OnHealth, in 20I2 the Food and Drug Administration proposed that labels on products containing acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, carry stronger warnings saying that the drug could cause severe liver damage if users exceed the recommended daily maximum dose. Even before that announcement, the maker of Tylenol reduced the maximum daily dose on Extra Strength TyIenoI to 3,000 milligrams from 4,000 milligrams, and increased the dose interval from 4 to 6 hours, amid reports of increases in accidental overdoses
The news on prescription pain pills is even more worrisome. As prescriptions for powerful painkillers and such as hydrocodone and OxyContin (Percocet, Vicodin, OxyContin and generics) have shot up in recent years, there has been an increase in emergency-room visits and deaths from the illicit use of those drugs known as opioids. Three-quarters of prescription drug overdoses (from which the death rate has more than tripled since 1990) are now attributed to painkillers. And there's growing evidence that those drugs are being prescribed when they're not necessarily warranted, including for such conditions as acute infections and heart problems.  Click here to read the complete article.


Relieve Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Invasive Procedures

With Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS & PRO



The Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS and PRO are powerful, easy-to-use medical devices designed for deep stimulation for effective, long lasting pain relief.  FDA accepted, these patent pending biofeedback, neuromodulation devices have been proven to alleviate muscle, tendon and ligament pain due to injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel,  sports injuries, phantom limb pain and Parkinson’s disease, just to name a few. Patients who consistently use the Biomodulator devices in their treatment improve range of motion, have faster healing times and dramatically reduce the dependency of drugs.





The Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS is an advanced unit designed for long-lasting pain relief. The Biomodulator PLUS unit settings include four proprietary modes developed by Dr. Tennant. These modes include Assess, Ten-8™, Infinity™ and Automatic.


The Tennant Biomodulator® PRO is a professional grade device specifically designed for when deeper therapy penetration is needed and is recommended for serious, chronic conditions. The device includes biofeedback technology and Dr. Jerry Tennant’s proprietary frequencies, as well as, user control options and more than 60 pre-set modes.

Both devices require a prescription for home use.




  • Non-invasive gentle sub-sensory stimulation
  • Non-invasive management of chronic, intractable pain
  • Drug-free alternative therapy for adults and children - Non-pharmaceutical pain relief
  • Leaves patient feeling alert
  • Non-habit forming modality for treating pain
  • Individual device available for long term pain management relief
  • Pre-surgical applications – use 2x per day for 20 minutes for 3 days before surgery
  • Post surgical and long-term pain management including scar tissue
  • Easy to use; portable, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Selection of modes to suit individual therapy needs
  • Repair service, toll-free technical support and optional accessories available
  • Uses two AA batteries for greater mobility - Low battery indicator
  • Includes one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (less 10% restocking fee)
  • Covered by some health insurance plans and worker’s compensation

Insurance Coverage

The Tennant Biomodulator is a Class II Medical Device.  It is FDA accepted as a TENS device for pain and requires a prescription from a licensed medical professional.  Although classified as a TENS, it uses a very different technology to address pain.  While a standard TENS device masks the pain signal from the nerves to the brain and can actually inhibit the healing process, the Biomodulator uses microcurrent technology in a unique way that engages the body’s natural resources to assist the processes of pain management and rehabilitation, breaking the “pain cycle.”  The Biomodulator therapy stimulates the body at the cellular level, restoring cellular metabolic activity in the area of treatment.

Although a prescription device for pain, Senergy Medical Group does not contract with any insurance carrier and would be considered “out-of-network” by your health plan.  In some instances, depending on whether your health insurance provides “out-of-network” coverage or a “flex-out” plan, they may cover a portion of your purchase.  Senergy Medical Group is a “sole-source provider” (meaning we are the exclusive distributor of the Biomodulator).  In some instances, the insurance company may consider reimbursement as if we are “in-network”.   Be sure to ask the insurance company about this. 

Please note that Senergy does not file insurance paperwork or accept insurance assignments.  You will have to initiate the pre--authorization process and submit your own claim.  While some people have been successful in receiving some reimbursement for their device, it is rare. A TENS device is considered to be Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and may have different coverage under your insurance policy.

Your health insurance policy is a contract between your employer and the insurance company and terms of coverage and reimbursement are part of the contract.  It is up to you to speak with your insurance company and find out what coverage is provided.  You do however have the right to appeal any decision that is made by the insurance company, in the event of a denial of benefits.  If this happens, you may wish to speak with a case manager, usually a nurse.  They can gather additional information and present to a medical review board.  Usually, once your appeal has gone through the various appeal layers, the final decision is made by the Medical Director. 

The process can take 30 to 45 days and sometimes longer and requires persistent follow-up with your insurance company.  Please note that your insurance company will not even consider reimbursement for anything other than a pain diagnosis.  Most people choose to purchase their device regardless of whether insurance will reimburse.

To better assist you in communicating with your insurance company, we have prepared some information that may be helpful to you attached in the Insurance Information PDF which you may print for your use or you may contact Client Services for further information.



Attendee:  I suffer from a chronic condition producing constant pain for the past 20 years. Where may I turn for help and how do you work with pain?

Dr. Tennant:  While we do not make any claims, treat specific illnesses or conditions, we have achieved encouraging results with our patients and our practitioners. My clinic, Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine in Dallas, Texas,  provides  care for individuals seeking alternative protocols.  I provide services for each person on an individual basis and consider all possible causes and protocols to help alleviate pain and help tap the body's healing potential.

Attendee:  How may I learn more about your approach to wellness?

Dr. Tennant:  My approach to wellness embraces the balancing, nurturing, exercising and developing of all aspects of our being and factors affecting health. These include: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and environmental. One of my primary missions is to research and share my findings and enable others to educate themselves and discover answers to their unique health related questions through wellness educational seminars taught throughout the US and other locations where I am invited to teach. I also conduct personal assessments at my clinic in Irving, Texas.

Attendee:  What is your core belief regarding health and nutrition? And what is your approach to obtaining and maintaining wellness?

Dr. Tennant: The body is a self-healing mechanism. It is designed to heal. What happens when you cut your finger? Without any conscious effort, it mends and heals. We believe that all other conditions in our bodies will heal, given the proper raw materials. There is no silver bullet for any chronic disease. One must systematically turn on the brain's neuro-chemicals and activate the pituitary that activates the endocrine system that controls the rest of the organs.

One must clean the liver and gall bladder and to be able to eliminate toxins. Most of these vasculitis syndromes are due to toxins that the liver can't excrete. Then you must supply the body with total nutrition so it can rebuild itself. I am always studying various nutritional products looking for the best delivery source to the body. You also must educate yourself and stop poisoning your body with current food and behavioral habits as well as remove dental toxins. Traditional medicine suppresses the inflammation caused by these toxins with oral cortisone and immuno-destructive drugs.

Attendee:  How do we achieve our full potential for wellness? How do we heal from chronic conditions?

Dr. Tennant:  Balancing, exercising and nourishing all aspects of our being, we bring healing and a sense of wholeness back to our lives. I teach a comprehensive approach to help people identify their self-defeating habits and replace them with healthy alternatives so they may benefit from the resources available to all of us. It is our goal to listen to our patients and professional colleagues and consistently study,
research, test and develop more advanced technologies and therapies to assist you in understanding how your body is able to heal itself.

To read Dr. Tennant's complete interview and brief success case studies, click here .


Dr. Tennant conducts monthly Integrative Health Conference and Biomodulator Training courses. The Thursday evening lectures, which are scheduled with the Tennant Biomodulator training, are open the public to help attendees understand how their body is able to heal itself. These lectures are free of charge. See Calendar for monthly schedule.



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