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Eagle Guardian Imprinter


Product Description - Eagle Guardian Homeopathic Imprinter Package:

The Eagle Guardian provides a safe, non-invasive, homeopathic & effectively way to restore and balance the body's bio-energetic pathways.  It is being hailed as one of the most exciting and promising discoveries of bio-energetics and vibrational medicine.   With this new device and procedure, it is possible to imprint and greatly amplify the body's vibrational signature and apply it to the body in such a way as to stimulate restorative and healing processes.  It is as if the Guardian provides the body with a clear signal or road map to the underlying causes of imbalance, such as harmful, degenerative processes, micro-organisms, parasites, toxins, deficiencies etc.


Once the body has a clear signal, it can activate numerous healing processes.  The Guardian does not actually heal;   it lets the body do the work.


The Guardian is able to create a powerful homeopathic remedy from the user's body itself.  The remedy contains a greatly amplified imprint of the individual's total bio-energetic signature (including any harmful vibrations present in a person's body), and can be stored in a small, glass vial.  When this vial is worn on the body, it is able to continuously send an amplified signal to the body repeatedly givine a clear direction as to how to restore balance.  With the Guardian, nothing needs to be ingested.  

The Guardian package includes;

*2016 Eagle Guardian Imprinter (6.25"x3.75"x1.75")

*Six Glass Vials filled with imprinting solution

*Printed Owners Manual

*2" Stainless Steel Input / Output Disk with Cord and Connector

*White Power/Charging Adaptor with Cable

*1-year Manufacturer's Warranty









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