Dr. Tennant’s Essential Healthy Cellular Reproduction Program

Core Products

Restore, Raw Materials and Logol’s Iodine Plus make up the core of The Tennant Essential Cellular Nutrition System with Restore being the cornerstone of nutrition system. Restore is a comprehensive, professional, nutraceutical-grade product that delivers superior quality, biologically active, natural ingredients and specialty nutraceuticals necessary to repair and make new cells to support optimal health and wellness.

Restore is designed to replace the use of numerous individual supplements with just a ½ - 1 convenient scoop of Restore daily in water, milk, or other preferred liquid. Raw Materials and Lugol’s Iodine Plus should be taken separately. Click Here to Order.


Additional Essential Products

While not CORE products, Dr. Tennant recommends daily use of Digestive Enzyme Formula or Healthy Gut PRO. Digestive Enzyme Formula and Healthy Gut PRO are comprehensive digestive enzyme products many patients include in their nutritional program to help produce enough stomach acid to digest food properly. Stress is a leading cause of this problem. Enzyme supplementation may be important to support your nutritional needs. Click Here to Order.


Toxin Detox
Raw Materials, Raw Materials DETOX and a PH Prescription Water Filter can assist in daily detoxification
The Most Common Toxins Are
  1. Dental infections release severe toxins. One toothroot canal puts out enough toxins to shut down 3% of theimmune system. Most organ malfunction is due in part to a dental infection. If you have a dental infection, you may never get well no matter what else you do. An infected tooth acts like a circuit breaker and shuts down the circuit it controls.
  2. Heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. block enzyme function and cause problems like ADHD autism, methylation defects, etc. The most common source for heavy metal poisoning is mercury dental fillings.
  3. Soy is a poison that has been marketed as a health food! It blocks the function of most of the endocrine system. For information, read about it in books Healing is Voltage: The Handbook and The Whole Soy Story.
  4. GMO foods are the major cause of obesity and a major cause of chronic disease and cancer. For more information, learn about GMO dangers and Glyphosate toxicity.
  5. Drinking water is full of toxins, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride and hundreds of other harmful chemicals. PH Prescription filter, offered through Senergy Medical Group, provides exceptional water purification systems at affordable prices.


Human cells are designed to run at about -20 millivolts (or pH of 7.35). The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments with the use proper cellular energy. In increase cellular energy, the Tennant Biomodulator Plus and PRO use biofeedback and nuromodulation technology designed to stimulate the body’s natural release of nitric oxide, endorphins and neuropeptides into the blood stream and increases ATP in the cells.

The goal is to increase the voltage in the cells to -50 millivolts with the biomodulator so that healing occurs. The biomodulator works by giving the cells the energy they are lacking. When the cells are restored to their optimal level of energy, the body can heal itself. Nitric oxide causes vascular dilation and thereby increases blood circulation. This is critical to wound healing, reduction edema and treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Tennant biomodulator devices contain unique frequency sets created by Dr. Jerry Tennant to produce microcurrent electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention. In addition, it is possible to recharge the acupuncture muscle batteries with these devices. Recharging these batteries require specific waveforms and frequencies to transfer the electrons to cell membranes.


Dr. Tennant’s Principles

Dr. Tennant’s system for successfully helping patients improve their health and wellness is based on the following principles:

  • The body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly. It gets well by making new cells that work correctly.
  • The process of rebuilding a new and healthy you is based on the fact that the body is constantly replacing itself. Your body grows new retinal elements every two days, new skin in six weeks, a new liver in eight weeks, and new nerve cells in a period of months. As each new cell is built, the body seeks proper building materials from which to construct the cell. If the body cannot find good, healthy materials, it will use whatever is available.
  • To make new cells, the body must have raw materials (nutrition), release of environmental toxins and sufficient cellular energy to use the materials. If any of these are lacking, pharmaceuticals and/or surgeries will not help.
  • Human cells are designed to run at about -20 millivolts (or pH of 7.35). The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments if it is supplied with sound nutrition, routine detox and proper cellular energy.



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